The 7th division (師団, Dainanashidan), formerly led by the late Hanazawa Koijirou, is one of the opposing forces of the series. Its other names are the Hokuchin Unit (北鎮部隊, Hokuchin Butai) and the North's last defense. They're renowned to be the strongest unit of the army. Most of the 7th division soldiers in the series hail from the 27th Infantry Regiment, one of its notable high ranked officers being the 1st Lieutenant Tsurumi. Its headquarters are based in Asahikawa.

Soldiers[edit | edit source]

Rank Character
Lieutenant General Koujirou Hanazawa  
Lieutenant Colonel Teruchika Yodogawa
Captain Kouji Wada  
First Lieutenant Tokushirou Tsurumi
Second Lieutenant Otonoshin Koito
Yuusaku Hanazawa  
Warrant Officer Mokutarou Kikuta
Sergeant Hajime Tsukishima
Corporal Houzou Tamai  
Superior Private Hyakunosuke Ogata 
Tokishige Usami 
Private 1st Class Genjirou Tanigaki 
Kouhei Nikaidou
Youhei Nikaidou 
Rikimatsu Ariko 
Kazuo Maeyama 
Kennosuke Mishima 
Fumio Okada 
Naoaki Noma 
Ikutarou Komiya 

Tattooed Skins[edit | edit source]

  • Anime:
As of Episode 36, the 7th Division is in possession of 10 tattooed skins, 5 real and 5 faux.
  • Manga:
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Series creator Satoru Noda's great-grandfather, who was also named Saichi Sugimoto, served in 27th Calvary Regiment of the 7th Division during the Russo-Japanese War.[1]
  • "Hokuchin" means they "Defeated the North (Russia)".

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