Abashiri convicts are 24 criminals that have the map leading to the Ainu treasure tattooed onto their skins by Noppera-Bou. They were imprisoned at the Abashiri Prison, but escaped when they were transported to another facility. Since then, the prisoners have hidden all over Hokkaido.

History[edit | edit source]

The man known as Noppera-Bou once stole a great quantity of gold from his fellow Ainu, killed them and was arrested because the authorities also wanted the gold. He was put in Abashiri prison and tortured, but Noppera-Bou remained silent. Crippled, Noppera-Bou selected 24 fellow convicts to carry parts of a cryptic map tattooed on their skins and told them to join mysterious allies in Otaru, but some went on their separate ways, disinterested in the gold while Noppera-Bou remains in prison.

Tattooed Prisoners[edit | edit source]

Convict First appearance Crime Status
Gotou icon.png
Takechiyo Gotou
Chapter 1
Episode 1
Murder of his wife and child. Deceased †
Kasahara icon.png
Kanjirou Kasahara
Chapter 3
Episode 2
Unknown. Deceased †
Shiraishi yoshitake icon.png
Yoshitake Shiraishi
Chapter 4
Episode 2
Theft, numerous escapes from prisons. Alive
Hijitaka toshizou icon.png
Toshizou Hijikata
Chapter 7
Episode 1
Political prisoner. Alive
Ushiyama tatsuma icon.jpg
Tatsuma Ushiyama
Chapter 12
Episode 3
Murder of his judo master and massacre of the other 10 students. Alive
Matsuo Tsuyama
Chapter 19
Episode 5
Murder of 33 people. Deceased †
Nihei icon.png
Tetsuzou Nihei
Chapter 22
Episode 5
Murder of poachers. Deceased †
Henmi icon.png
Kazuo Henmi
Chapter 37
Episode 8
Murder of more than 100 people. Deceased †
Ienaga Kano Icon.png
Kano Ienaga
Chapter 50
Episode 11
Murder of her patients. Deceased †
Tetsuo Takarai.png
Tetsuo Takarai
Chapter 56
Episode 12
Unknown. Deceased †
Wakayama icon.png
Kiichirou Wakayama
Chapter 65
Unknown; likely, leading yakuza, a criminal organization, gambling. Deceased †
Soroku Funabashi
Chapter 72
Episode 12
Unknown. Deceased †
Kiyohiro Suzukawa.png
Kiyohiro Suzukawa
Chapter 87
Episode 16
Identity theft, marriage fraud, scamming. Deceased †
Sakamoto icon.png
Keiichirou Sakamoto
Chapter 102 Robbery, murder. Deceased †
Shiton icon.png
Shiton Anehata
Chapter 108
Bestiality, animal slaughter. Deceased †
Toni icon.png
Toni Anji
Chapter 119
Episode 20
Unknown Alive
Gansoku icon.png
Maiharu Gansoku
Chapter 143
Episode 25
Dojoyaburi (visiting a rival martial arts school in order to challenge its members), further violence. Alive
Youichirou icon.png
Chapter 151
Episode 32
Murder. Deceased †
Sekiya icon.png
Waichirou Sekiya
Chapter 172 Murder of 30 people by poisoning. Deceased †
Heita icon.png
Heita Matsuda
Chapter 217 Murder. Deceased †
Boutarou icon.png
Fusatarou Oosawa
Chapter 223 Murder, theft. Deceased †
Ostrog icon.png
Michael Ostrog
Chapter 225 Murder. Deceased †
Keiji Ueji icon.png
Keiji Ueji
Chapter 232 Child murder. Deceased †
Toshiyuki Kadokura
Chapter 117
Episode 20
None; Kadokura agreed to be tattooed by Wilk after the mass escape of other tattooed convicts. Alive

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