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Abashiri convicts are 24 criminals that have the map leading to the Ainu treasure tattooed onto their skins by Noppera-Bou. They were imprisoned at the Abashiri Prison, but escaped when they were transported to another facility. Since then, the prisoners have hidden all over Hokkaido.


In the olden days, there was a lot of gold in the rivers of Hokkaido—it was a gold rush. At that time, a group of Ainu was secretly gathering gold to fight back against the Japanese that had stolen their lands and forbidden fishing and hunting. The group gathered a lot of gold, which amounted to 20 kan (75 kg), but it all was stolen by one man who killed them all. The man hid the gold somewhere in Hokkaido, but then was caught by the police, sentenced to death, and sent to live the rest of his days in Abashiri Prison. The Ainu killer was trying to communicate the location of the hidden gold to his friends from the outside, but the prison guards would steal the letters he wrote. He couldn't tell a soul about it, as everyone wanted the gold and some guards would go as far as cut the tendon on the man's leg to ensure he never escapes the prison without telling them where he hid the gold.

Bodies of convicts that shared so much suffering together.

The man selected 24 fellow convicts to carry parts of a cryptic map tattooed on their skins (that only had meaning when all tattoos were combined together) and promised them that he will split half the gold with anyone who manages to escape. He instructed the prisoners to communicate with his allies in Otaru.

The police and the military were also interested in gold. After some soldiers heard the rumors of the the tattoos, they forced the prison to give out the prisoners under the pretext of transporting them to another place. However, the prisoners managed to kill the guards and escaped into the woods. Some of the former convicts went on their separate ways, disinterested in the gold, all that while Noppera-Bou remains in prison.

Tattooed Prisoners[]

Convict First appearance Crime
Gotou icon.png
Takechiyo Gotou
Chapter 1
Episode 1
Murder of his wife and child.
Kasahara icon.png
Kanjirou Kasahara
Chapter 3
Episode 2
Shiraishi yoshitake icon.png
Yoshitake Shiraishi
Chapter 4
Episode 2
Theft, numerous escapes from prisons.
Hijitaka toshizou icon.png
Toshizou Hijikata
Chapter 7
Episode 1
Political prisoner.
Ushiyama icon.png
Tatsuma Ushiyama
Chapter 12
Episode 3
Murder of his judo master and massacre of the other 10 students.
Tsuyama icon.png
Mutsuo Tsuyama
Chapter 19
Episode 5
Murder of 33 people.
Nihei icon.png
Tetsuzou Nihei
Chapter 22
Episode 5
Murder of poachers.
Henmi icon.png
Kazuo Henmi
Chapter 37
Episode 8
Murder of more than 100 people.
Ienaga Kano Icon.png
Kano Ienaga
Chapter 50
Episode 11
Murder of her patients.
Takarai icon.png
Tetsuo Takarai
Chapter 56
Episode 12
Wakayama icon.png
Kiichirou Wakayama
Chapter 65
Unknown; likely, leading yakuza, a criminal organization, gambling.
Funabashi icon.png
Soroku Funabashi
Chapter 72
Episode 12
Suzukawa icon.png
Kiyohiro Suzukawa
Chapter 87
Episode 16
Identity theft, marriage fraud, scamming.
Sakamoto icon.png
Keiichirou Sakamoto
Chapter 102 Robbery, murder.
Shiton icon.png
Shiton Anehata
Chapter 108
Bestiality, animal slaughter.
Toni icon.png
Toni Anji
Chapter 119
Episode 20
Gansoku icon.png
Maiharu Gansoku
Chapter 143
Episode 25
Dojoyaburi (visiting a rival martial arts school in order to challenge its members), further violence.
Youichirou icon.png
Chapter 151
Episode 32
Sekiya icon.png
Waichirou Sekiya
Chapter 172 Murder of 30 people by poisoning.
Heita icon.png
Heita Matsuda
Chapter 217 Murder.
Boutarou icon.png
Fusatarou Oosawa
Chapter 223 Murder, theft.
Ostrog icon.png
Michael Ostrog
Chapter 225 Murder.
Keiji Ueji icon.png
Keiji Ueji
Chapter 232 Child murder.
Kadokura icon.png
Toshiyuki Kadokura
Chapter 117
Episode 20
None; Kadokura agreed to be tattooed by Wilk after the mass escape of other tattooed convicts.

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