Sacred Ground (聖地, Seichi) is the 226th chapter of the Golden Kamuy manga.

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Sugimoto’s Group comes to an Ainu kotan where Sugimoto sees a Shiba Inu dog and wonders if it is Ryu. Asirpa says that the dog only looks like him and Shiraishi says that since they had left Nihei’s gun back with Cikapasi, he is certain that Ryu will not go anywhere else. Sugimoto says that he hopes Cikapasi and the others treat Ryu with so much love that he forgets about Nihei’s gun.

Asirpa explains that Ainu dogs are very brave and loyal to their owner and yet they can also be jealous to the point of being bad-tempered. She tells the others about a story she had heard in which a hunter scolded his Ainu dog and went out hunting, returning only to find that the dog had killed every chicken that he had owned. Shiraishi exclaims that humans are the same way and how far they would go for love.

In the flashback to the 28th year of the Meiji era, Tsurumi says that it did not seem like Usami came to the dojo to train and Usami says that he had felt like wandering over to the dojo after helping out at home. Tsurumi notes that it takes two hours for Usami to walk over from his home but Usami says that he still comes even on days when there are no trainings and that despite being just a normal corner of the dojo grounds, it is their sacred grounds.

Two years earlier, Usami is spending time with his family when his father asks him about his training at the dojo. Usami tells him that Tsurumi had stated that he has the most talent of all of the kids he has seen so far. Usami’s sister becomes excited at the thought of Tsurumi, causing their father to become shocked, wondering who Tsurumi is. Usami’s mother agrees with Tsurumi’s words about their son, saying that her husband has talent as well.

Some time later, Usami shows Tsurumi a water wheel to train their legs when a young boy, Takagi Tomoharu arrives to greet the both of them. At school, Usami and Takagi makes plans to see Tsurumi at the dojo and immediately heads over to train with Tsurumi. During the winter, Tsurumi and Usami spends some time together, with Tsurumi stating that Usami will be graduating from school this year and wonders if he will continue on going to the dojo.

Usami is uncertain as he has to help his father with the work in the fields. Tsurumi tells him to continue at the dojo as no one his age is any match for him and that he will eventually surpass him as well. He reveals that it will become even more difficult for him to visit the dojo due to some issues in the Korean peninsula. Just then, Takagi calls out to Usami to go home together.

In the Spring, Usami and Takagi are sparring, with Usami overpowering Takagi. Takagi asks Usami for another match but Usami says that training is over and that they should head home already. Shortly afterwards, Tsurumi finds Takagi moping on the floors of the dojo, asking what is wrong and that he and Takeda cannot leave until they lock up the dojo. Takagi says that he was unable to beat Usami even once and that today is the last day he will be able to come to the dojo.

Outside, Takagi reveals to Usami that he will be going to a school in Tokyo and that they have one last day to do randori together. Usami says that he already knew about it, surprising Takagi, and agrees to spar once more even though he does not want to, saying that he does not want to lose on purpose for the sake of Takagi’s feelings. Tsurumi says that since Takeda has already locked up the dojo, they should have their match outside in the spacious area and that he will watch over their fight.

As the two boys fight, Takagi believes that if he can beat Usami, then he will be able to live independently in Tokyo. However, as he thinks back on the time they spent together, Takagi begins to tear up and is slammed to the ground. As Takagi asks for another round, Usami, in a fit of rage, stomps violently on Takagi’s neck with his foot. Tsurumi is incredibly shocked by the turn of event as Takagi’s body begins to convulse up.

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