Tokushirou's Number One (篤四郎さんの一番, Tokushirō-san no Ichiban) is the 256th chapter of the Golden Kamuy manga.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Usami is stunned by Ogata’s shot and stumbles down the stairs as Ogata begins to reload his rifle. Upon looking at the stairs, Ogata sees that Usami is missing but notices a trail of blood leading down as he wipes own blood off of his mouth. Usami heads down the stairs as he mutters that it is not the time to be worrying about Ogata and that he must tell Tsurumi something.

Outside of the brewery, as the firefighters try to control the fire, Ueji knocks one of them out and pulls at the hose, causing the firefighters to become irritated at him. Ueji takes a ladder and props it up against one of the chimney in order to climb it while the firefighters grows more annoyed at his behaviour. Usami exits the brewery and spots a horse-drawn carriage nearby.

Sugimoto knocks Ostrog out of the window of the brewery, catching Ogata’s attention and allowing him to spot Usami fleeing on one of the horses. Ogata makes a small hole in the window to prop his rifle and exclaims that if Usami is really so concerned about being seen as a cheap piece, then he would have to see what kind of face Tsurumi would make at his funeral. Usami is able to escape Ogata’s sight by heading behind a building but Ogata makes a calculated shot using two windows in order to hit Usami in his chest.

Usami falls off his horse and is about to hit the ground when Tsurumi catches him in his arms. Ogata thanks Usami as his death has completed him as a sniper and takes his bandage off, revealing that he has both of his eyes. However, his right eye pops out, revealing that it is a prosthetic and Ogata manages to catches it before it falls down. With the last of his strength, Usami attempts to hand the skin copy that he took from Kadokura along with information about Kadokura to Tsurumi as Tsurumi states that he did well.

Usami reaches out to Tsurumi’s face and Tsurumi sucks on Usami’s pinky finger before biting it off. Tsurumi notes that by consuming his finger, he and Usami can be together and that Usami shall live on inside of him as his number one friend. With a smile, Usami exclaims that he is so happy that he might just ejaculate before dying. Tsurumi takes Usami’s body in his arms and looks upon Usami’s corpse with a shadow over his face. Atop the chimney, Ueji proclaims to the whole town to direct their attention towards him.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The scene on page 17 where Tsurumi holds Usami's lifeless body is a reference to the Michelangelo sculpture Pietà.
  • Usami's death scene visually mirrors the death of Fina, Tsurumi's wife, in Chapter 179.

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