Persecution is the 6th chapter of the Golden Kamuy manga.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Asirpa teaches Sugimoto how to trap animals. But they manage to catch another Abashiri convicts with the trap. Sugimoto tries to interrogate the prisoner but he did not say anything. The prisoner tries to taunt Asirpa but Sugimoto threatens to break his jaw. Asirpa stops Sugimoto and tells him that she is already used to such things. After hearing that Sugimoto starts to remember his past. His family died from a disease and the whole village started to shun him. Sugimoto burned down his house and told his beloved, Umeko that he was leaving the village and she should listen to her parents and marry his friend Toraji. Umeko insisted on coming with him. But Sugimoto told her to stay away from him as he might be sick himself and did not want to kill her. He decided to wait two years before coming back to his village to see if he had any symptoms. But when he came back he saw Umeko being married off. Asirpa calls Sugimoto that she found a hare. But while they were busy catching the hare the prisoner manages to escape. Sugimoto pursues him to a cliff. The prisoner tries to climb down, but exploding trees, a natural phenomenon, produces an avalanche which throws both of them off the cliff.

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