The Escape King is the 7th chapter of the Golden Kamuy manga.


The prisoner and Saichi fall into the icy water and both of them started panicking for fear of dying of hypothermia. The prisoner reveals to have a hidden bullet and that it has not gotten wet. They make it explode between a branch to make fire. The prisoner and Saichi talk about the prisoners and Noppera-bou, and the prisoner reveals that there are a total of 24 prisoners who were tattooed and their leader was Hijikata Toshizou, or at least that was rumored. Saichi and the prisoner share their names and say goodbye, but before Shiraichi tells him that whatever the situation he will always escape since he is the "King of escape". Elsewhere a man from the Seventh Division tells his boss, Mr. Tsurumi, that Ogata Hyakunosuke has awakened.