Fellow Traveler is the tenth episode of the Golden Kamuy anime series.

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Tanigaki is hunted by Ogata and Nikaidou, who in their stead are followed by the 7th Division. Meanwhile, Asirpa, Sugimoto and Shiraishi meet an old friend of Asirpa's father.

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Tanigaki runs into the forest, trying to get away from his pursuers. Tanigaki notices bear tracks with baby bear stepping in his mother's footprints. He decides to follow it the same way. Ogata and Nikaidou lose Tanigaki, and Nikaidou comments he doesn't care if Lt. Tsurumi finds out about their betrayal; now he only cares about killing Sugimoto. Tanigaki sees a deer carcass and realizes the bear patrols this path daily. At night, Nikaidou wants to start a fire to warm himself, but Ogata dismisses the idea, saying the fire will alert Tanigaki of their location.

In the morning, Ogata and Nikaidou see smoke and decide to check it; they find a campfire with a person's belongings. Ogata tells Nikaidou to go check the campfire for Tanigaki's tracks and give him a signal if he finds anything. Nikaidou confirm it's Tanigaki and then warms himself at the fire. However, Ogata is sure this is a trap, so he is waiting for Tanigaki's next move. Hungry and tired, Nikaidou loses his focus and is violently attacked by a bear that appeared suddenly. The bear mauls Nikaidou, ripping his ear off and injuring his face. Ogata realizes that Tanigaki planned this and is waiting for Ogata to shoot to reveal his location. Nikaidou screams for help, and, after some moments, Ogata finally shoots the bear, scaring it away. Ogata stands up, confident Tanigaki can't fight him without a gun. A shot is fired, knocking Ogata away, as Tanigaki shoots him with Nihei's rifle.

Tanigaki Episode 10 8.png

Tanigaki is then alerted by a familiar voice — he is greeted by Mishima, a soldier from the 7th Division. Mishima approaches Tanigaki and explains that the 7th Division has been tracking Ogata and Nikaidou all this time, and that Lt. Tsurumi will arrive shortly. Mishima says that all of this was an elaborate plan to smoke out other rebels, and that he was waiting for Ogata to make contact with Tamai's group, but Tanigaki has killed them. Tanigaki tried to protest, but Mishima interrupts him, saying he knows Tanigaki didn't betray Tsurumi. Tanigaki wants to explain himself, but he sees Mishima get shot in the head by Ogata, who has come to his senses. Ogata realizes he needs to shoot Tanigaki before Tsurumi gets there, but it's too late — First Lieutenant and his men have already arrived. Tsurumi orders the soldiers to kill Ogata, but the sniper manages to escape. Tanigaki takes the chaos as an opportunity to leave unnoticed. Tsurumi captures Nikaidou and cuts his other ear off, saying one must be symmetrical to be handsome. He then puts the blade to Nikaidou's nose, demanding Nikaidou tell him the names of the other traitors. Nikaidou is indifferent, but, when offered an opportunity to kill Sugimoto, he cooperates and gives Komiya in to Tsurumi. Meanwhile, Ogata manages to escape.

Asirpa, Sugimoto and Shiraishi are walking in the forest. The group has now obtained five tattoos, and Sugimoto wonders about other people in possessions of tattoos. He asks what kind of man is Hijikata, and Shiraishi recalls his experiences with the Shinsengumi Vice-Commander and how youthful he seemed in the prison. The three walk further and see a river dam, and Asirpa explains that Ainu build it to capture huchen fish. Shiraishi wants to catch some huchen, but Asirpa warns him of a legendary dangerous fish, Iwan Onnechep Kauy, the greatest of all huchen, said to eat even bears. Shiraishi takes the warning lightly, but the bridge breaks and he falls in the water. Sugimoto and Asirpa attempt to save him, but Shiraishi is caught by a giant fish. A man jumps into the water and saves Shiraishi after defeating the fish.

The man turns out to be an old friend of Asirpa's father, Kiroranke. While Kiroranke and Shiraishi warm themselves by the fire, Asirpa and Sugimoto scale the fish. Asirpa explains that Ainu people make garments and items from fish skin and call it cepur. The group grills the fish and enjoys a delicious meal. Kiroranke hears Sugimoto's name and realizes he is the Immortal Sugimoto. When asked where he heard the name, Kiroranke replies that he is with the 7th Division. Sugimoto asks him if he works for Tsurumi, however, Kiroranke states his leading officer had different name; moreover, he hasn't been in contact with anyone from the military ever since he left the army. Kiroranke explains that he recognized Sugimoto from the name and the scar on his face. Yet, he is curious what's a war hero doing here with Asirpa.

Asirpa replies that Sugimoto is her partner (while Shiraishi is just useless), and Kiroranke concludes that if Asirpa thinks so then they can be trusted. He then tells Asirpa that an old japanese man came to his village and was looking for a girl named Asuko Kochoube. Asirpa is surprised as that's her Japanese name and only her mother and father knew it. Kiroranke explains that Noppera-Bou told the prisoners that one of his trusted people outside is Asuko Kochoube in Otaru. Kiroranke reveals that Noppera-Bou was trying to entrust the gold to Asirpa and that he is Asirpa's father.

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Asirpa can't believe it's her father that killed the Ainu and took the gold. Sugimoto wonders why Kiroranke knows Asirpa's Japanese name, and Kiroranke says that he and Wilk came to Japan together. In the meantime, Hijikata is talking to Nagakura about Noppera-Bou: he states that Noppera-Bou isn't an Ainu from Japan and that he was trying to take the gold outside the country. Asirpa wants to meet Noppera-Bou to confirm he is actually her father. Shiraishi asserts that will be hard, but he is willing to help out. Sugimoto tells Kiroranke that Shiraishi is one of the escaped prisoners, and, after seeing his tattoo, Kiroranke immediately realizes the skin must be removed, and it's indeed Wilk's work. Kiroranke explains he feels responsible for how the gold was stolen, and, after Sugimkoto and Shiraishi take fair amount, he wishes to return the rest to the Ainu.

The group returns to Asirpa's village where they see Tanigaki, dressed in Ainu clothes attus, playing music with Osoma. Kiroranke seems to recognize Tanigaki, but then wrongly assumes he's Asirpa's uncle. Later they all sit by the fire and discuss their future voyage to Abashiri Prison. Tanigaki draws a map on the ground and points at Asahikawa, a city located halfway to Abashiri. He says this town is home to the 7th Division headquarters. Shiraishi suggests they tell the 7th Division commandment about Tsurumi's plans, but Tanigaki rejects it, saying that Tsurumi has a higher-up officer working for him there. Kiroranke offers to go through Sapporo, as he has a friend there and they can buy weapons and explosives for cheap. At night Shiraishi speaks with Sugimoto in private and wonders if they should trust Kiroranke; Sugimoto comments he doesn't even trust Shiraishi and believes that Kiroranke hides something about Noppera-Bou. However, he thinks that if Asirpa trusts Kiroranke, he must not be a bad guy. In the morning Kiroranke, Asirpa, Sugimoto and Shiraishi head out to Sapporo.

In Sapporo a married couple arrives to Sapporo World Hotel during a thunderstorm. They're greeted by a mysterious proprietress.

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Sugimoto's Group 7th Division Hijikata's Group Skins found
5 1 3 8/24

Sugimoto's Group, 7th Division and Hijikata's Group in Otaru

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