Everybody, Get Together! It's a Murder Hotel! is the eleventh episode of the Golden Kamuy anime series.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Sugimoto's group stays in a strange hotel, run by a former prisoner. This hotel has a dark secret, but even its wicked owner quickly finds herself overwhelmed when both Sugimoto's group and Ushiyama book rooms, and both Shiraishi and Ushiyama want to sleep with her!

Plot[edit | edit source]

A woman wakes up in Sapporo World Hotel's basement and screams in horror: she sees her husband's severed head. A shadowed figure is smiling as she readies her bone-saw to claim another victim.

Upon arriving in Sapporo, Sugimoto's group visits a shop to buy explosives and weapons. Yoshitake Shiraishi wonders if there's a place nearby where they can sleep, and the shopkeeper tells them of an old hotel nearby, which was recently taken over by a new proprietress who is both young and beautiful. In the meantime, the proprietress Kano Ienaga is greeting an unexpected guest in Sapporo World Hotel — Tatsuma Ushiyama. As she is walking him to his room, Ushiyama wonders about her past and compliments her body and voice. Unbeknown to him, Ienaga is a former Abashiri convict who has since changed drastically. Ienaga suggests Ushiyama go to a Chinese restaurant nearby and explains their unique outlook: they believe that eating a part of an animal's body can heal the corresponding part in the human body. Ushiyama reminisces of an old man he knew in Abashiri Prison who said the same thing and asks Ienaga if it truly works. She affirms it, and Ushiyama asks what part should he eat if he needs more stamina in bed, then slams his hand against the wall, cornering Ienaga and saying he wants to sleep with her. Ienaga compliments his strong arms, but the two are interrupted by the arrival of Sugimoto's group.

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Ienaga greets her new guests and is surprised to find Shiraishi among them. Just like Ushiyama, Shiraishi, who has no idea of Ienaga's past identity, is trying to woo the proprietress. After escorting everyone to their rooms, Ienaga observes Shiraishi and Kiroranke through one of the secret passages of the maze-like hotel. She desires to obtain Ushiyama's strong body to achieve the perfection she dreams of, so she plans on using gas to put him to sleep. However, she is followed by Shiraishi who wants to talk with her. When Shiraishi gets dangerously close to meeting Ushiyama, Ienaga pulls the lever to open a vent under him. She goes to check on him, but it stopped by Ushiyama who pulls her into a kiss. Ienaga bites his tongue and tells him to wait. Aroused by that, Ushiyama decides to cool down outside. Shiraishi falls to the basement, where Ienaga puts him to sleep with an injection and says that now she also wants to obtain the pretty blue eyes of her guest.

Asirpa and Kiroranke comment on Ushiyama's strange ears, calling it sinna kisara, leaving the man confused. Sugimoto explains the meaning and wonders if Ushiyama did a lot of judo before. They shake hands and immediately grab at each other's arms, assessing the strength of their opponent. Sugimoto is amazed by the man's power, and Ushiyama invites them out to drink. They go to a western-style restaurant where Ushiyama offers to have a drinking competition with Sapporo beer. Many beer bottles later, with everyone including Asirpa drunk off their face, Ushiyama mentions Toshizou Hijikata as though he is alive, but quickly corrects himself. Asirpa tries to pull off the bump on Ushiyama's forehead, which he says won't come off. He then addresses Asirpa, telling her to grow up to be a great woman and that the most important thing about a man is his penis. Asirpa giggles, saying she saw a penis when they were at the beach, much to Sugimoto's embarrassment. Ushiyama argues that it's not the size that matters, but whether the man's penis is "gentlemanly". He then says he needs to go back to Ienaga, and the group thanks him for the lesson.

Back in the hotel, Ushiyama is looking for Ienaga. He finds the secret passage with a lever and pulls it, opening the vent in the floor. Wondering if Ienaga is there, he walks right into the vent, falling into the basement. Shiraishi, who's been trying to break free from the chains Ienaga put him in, is startled by Ushiyama's sudden entrance, but still asks him for help, saying that the proprietress is one of the convicts. Hearing the word proprietress, Ushiyama mistakes Shiraishi for Ienaga and starts kissing his chest, but then stops and vomits, briefly coming to his senses. Shiraishi explains that Ienaga is in fact an Abashiri convict who used to be a doctor, with her lip mole being a dead giveaway. Ushiyama states that he doesn't care and he won't leave until he has sex with Ienaga. He rams through the basement door while Shiraishi escapes up the vent.

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Ienaga is looking at sleeping Asirpa. She comments on the girl's beauty and touches her skin and hair, then pulls her eyelid up, admiring Asirpa's eyes. As Ienaga tries to get a taste of Asirpa's eye, Sugimoto kicks the proprietress in the face. Realizing that the gas was not enough to knock Sugimoto out, Ienaga plays dumb and says she just was checking on Asirpa because she seemed ill. Sugimoto doesn't believe her and asks how she got in the room in the first place. Shiraishi knocks at the door, saying they need to get out of the hotel and that the proprietress is an Abashiri convict who used to eat the flesh of her patients. Ienaga explains her motivation, insisting that people always want what they can't have and that humans are greedy. She asks to take a look at her and claims that he is right, as she has found the answer. However, Sugimoto isn't convinced and says she has simply brainwashed herself to believe it. As Ienaga hears those words, her face cracks with wrinkles. Sugimoto states that he is indeed greedy and that he will rip Ienaga's tattoo off her body. She then throws two syringes in Asirpa's direction and disappears in one of the secret passages. Sugimoto catches the syringes with his hand and tells Shiraishi that Ienaga has escaped.

As Ienaga tries to run away, she is stopped by Ushiyama, who is frenzied with lust for her. Ushiyama is chasing Ienaga while breaking everything on his way. Shiraishi grabs Kiroranke's explosives to defend himself and throws one in front of Ienaga, who then runs in Sugimoto's direction. She yells, revealing Ushiyama is a tattooed prisoner too, Ushiyama the Undefeated. Ushiyama rams into Sugimoto and the two break the wall and fight. Accidentally, Ushiyama slams Sugimoto against a vent in the floor, sending him down the basement. Ienaga deems her hotel useless now and pulls the lever that triggers the building self-destruction. She prepares to leave the hotel, but Shiraishi throws another grenade at her, causing an explosion. Sugimoto finds himself in the basement where he smells alcohol. The flames from the explosion reach the basement, and Sugimoto runs for his life from the fiery wave behind.

Shiraishi runs into Ushiyama and drops the explosives he carried. Ushiyama wonders what Shiraishi is doing here, then concludes that the man he fought earlier is Sugimoto the Immortal. Shiraishi notices the fire in the basement and urges Ushiyama to get out of the hotel. Ushiyama says he has a message from the old man for Shiraishi: always keep us informed of your whereabouts. Shiraishi realizes he dropped his bag with explosives and goes to pick it up; he trips and the explosives fall down the basement. Shiraishi runs for Sugimoto and Kiroranke, who are carrying Asirpa, telling them there's a bomb. Ushiyama finds Ienaga trapped in the debris and proceeds to rescue her. Ienaga insists he must understand why she did all of that, as she wanted to stay the best person she ever was, even if it meant stealing from others. As she calls Ushiyama perfect, the explosion demolishes the building, but Sugimoto, Asirpa, Kiroranke and Shiraishi manage to escape. Asirpa tearfully calls for the Penis-sensei and finds a fish cake, which she assumes is Ushiyama's head bump. The group leaves what's left of the hotel and sets out for Abashiri.

As the sun rises, Ushiyama the Undefeated gets up from the debris of the destructed hotel while carrying Ienaga in his arms.

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Sugimoto's Group and Tatsuma Ushiyama in Sapporo

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