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Let's Talk About the Past (昔の話をしよう, Mukashi no Hanashi o Shiyou) is the fifteenth episode of the Golden Kamuy anime series.


Toshizou Hijikata who is now temporarily allied with Saichi Sugimoto, stays behind in Yuubari to try and find clues to the fake skins. Edogai's workshop is surrounded by members of the 7th Division, and they're forced to fight their way out.


Kiroranke, Yoshitake Shiraishi and Shinpachi Nagakura are standing outside the Yubari mines, asking the miners whether they've seen a corpse wearing military uniform, but they deny it. Inside, Sugimoto, Asirpa and Tatsuma Ushiyama watch as the workers carry the bodies out of the tunnel. Hyakunosuke Ogata and Hijikata are looking through Edogai's house, searching for clues. Suddenly, someone throws a Molotov cocktail through the window, setting the house ablaze. Kano Ienaga tries to run away through the main exit, but Ogata stops her, saying she will be shot, as he has already noticed the 7th Division soldiers outside. Kouhei Nikaidou with the rest of the soldiers are surrounding the building, readying to kill everyone inside.

Hijikata concludes that Hajime Tsukishima must be alive, and that he was able to report to Lt. Tsurumi. Ogata confirms it and then runs upstairs, planning to shoot at the soldiers to make them enter the house through the only exit where Hijikata would kill them. Nikaidou commands the soldiers to get away from the door but stay close to the porch, or else Ogata would wound them. As Ogata is aiming at a soldier, he is distracted by the window shattering in front of him — his sniping spot has been exposed. Ogata retreats to another room and sees even more 7th Division soldiers outside. Kouhei orders the soldiers to go up the second floor and take out the sniper, while he proceeds to storm the first floor. Hijikata blocks his way and the two engage in a fight. A soldier reaches the second floor, where he is ambushed by Ogata who stabs him. The soldier gets the upper hand in combat and hits Ogata with the rifle butt, knocking him on the floor.

Nikaidou battling Hijikata.

Ienaga opens one of the windows and thinks of the way to get out. Ushiyama, who is still carrying Asirpa on his back, appears from the outside and removes the iron bars from the window. He then helps Ienaga get down, while Sugimoto climbs up the window and goes inside the house. He finds Ogata struggling against the 7th Division soldier who is hitting him repeatedly with his rifle while Ogata just grins. Sugimoto knocks the soldier out with his own rifle, freeing Ogata. The two stare at each other in silence for some moments until Ogata mockingly asks if Sugimoto is waiting for a "thank you". Sugimoto sternly replies that he didn't save Ogata because he liked him and walks away.

Back on the first floor, Nikaidou is about to stub Hijikata with his bayonet but gets distracted by Sugimoto's voice. He lets go of Hijikata and gleefully yells out Sugimoto's name, ready to attack his brother's killer. Hijikata takes the opportunity to strike and cuts Nikaidou's right leg off at his knee. Nikaidou proceeds to retreat, unable to fight off Hijikata in this state.

Ogata tells Sugimoto they should escape from the house now. With everyone outside, Hijikata suggests they split into two groups and flee, then meet up at Ashibetsu. Sugimoto says that now they will have to confront Noppera-Bou directly about real and fake tattoos, and Hijikata replies that the man will be willing to share the truth with his daughter. Sugimoto states that as long as he gets his small share of gold he isn't concerned about the rest. Still, he wonders about Asirpa, who is a true Ainu, and whose father allegedly killed the Ainu and stole their gold; he says he wants to see her find the truth. Outside Edogai's house, Nikaidou is crawling on the ground, escaping the fire. He then breaks down in tears and lets a shout of despair and pain.

The next day, the groups have split in two: Hijikata is travelling with Ienaga, Nagakura, Kiroranke, and Shiraishi, while Sugimoto is leading Asirpa, Ogata, and Ushiyama. While walking down a stream, Asirpa sees a group of woodcocks, tureptacir, and shows them to Sugimoto. Sugimoto asks her if the birds are tasty, and Asirpa answers that their brains are. Ogata aims at the birds, but Asirpa tells him to stop it as his gunshot will alert other birds and they will fly away. She then explains how the Ainu use traps that take advantage of the woodcocks' habits and how this way they can get enough food for everyone. Ogata huffs and turns away while Ushiyama lets out a chuckle.

The next morning, Asirpa tells Sugimoto that the traps have worked. However, Sugimoto notices that there's only three birds which might not be enough for everyone. Asirpa tells Sugimoto to help her pluck the feathers, and Ushiyama comments that she is upset by her unfulfilling trapping. Ogata shows up with three birds that he shot. Ushiyama is impressed with Ogata's skill, which makes Ogata flare his nostrils; Ushiyama calls him annoying, and Sugimoto agrees, adding that Ogata got mad because Asirpa said he couldn't shoot the birds. Asirpa smiles and taunts Sugimoto, implying he is just jealous because he can't shoot well.

Do you not like eating brain?

When the birds are cooked, Asirpa offers Ushiyama the bird brain, which he reluctantly eats after seeing Asirpa's adorable face. Ogata refuses to eat the brains, shocking Sugimoto and Ushiyama. Asirpa then suggests they make citatap, with Ushiyama being the first person to start mincing the meat. She then tasks Ogata with cooking citatap, since everyone has to help with preparing this meal. Sugimoto watches Ogata mince the meat, then calls for Asirpa and tells her that Ogata doesn't say the word citatap while cooking. Once the meal is ready, everyone enjoys a delicious citatap together.

In Barato, the barber Yamamoto sees Genjirou Tanigaki and Inkarmat and wonders why the man is pretending to be an Ainu. When asked whether he's seen an Ainu child with three men, he denies it. The barber then points at an Ainu boy behind the window and asks if it's the child they are looking for. Cikapasi, who's been following Inkarmat and Tanigaki to Barato, tries to run away but trips and falls. Tanigaki comes out of the barbershop and calls him by the nickname he gave him — Boner — which upsets Cikapasi. Tanigaki tells the boy to go back to his kotan, but Cikapasi refuses, saying no one is waiting for his return. Inkarmat proposes they take Cikapasi with them: her Sirakki Kamuy told her it will bring them good luck if they travel with the boy while pretending to be a family.

Hijikata's group is sitting by the fire. Nagakura asks if that man is still in Abashiri Prison which is confirmed by Hijikata. Kiroranke wonders who is "that man", and Hijikata explains that the man they were talking about is Inudou Shirosuke, the Warden of Abashiri Prison, with whom they also had history while in Kabato Prison. Nagakura reminisces of his times in Kabato Prsion, prefacing his tale by saying "I thought my heart would stop."

Young Hijikata and Nagakura.

Years ago, Nagakura worked as a swordmsanship instructor in Kabato Prison. One winter evening, while passing by the a group of prisoners, he was called by a familiar name — Gamushin. Nagakura recognized Hijikata Toshizou in one of the convicts who just walked past him. Nagakura then approached Inudou, accusing him of keeping Hijikata's existence a secret from him and the government as revenge for his brother, who died in the Hakodate Battle. Inudou countered it, saying he had no obligations to share information about prisoners with others. He then said that he was waiting for Hijikata's light to go out and for his will to break so he could execute him. Nagakura demanded to see Hijikata, but Inudou refused his request. Nagakura then mentioned that Inudou would be transferred to Abashiri next year, so he would visit Hijikata later; however, Inudou announced that Hijikata would be taken to Abashiri too. Nagakura calls Inudou a monster obsessed with revenge and left the room, but then quickly returned, enraged and furious, threatening to split Inudou's head open if he wouldn't let him see Hijikata.
Nagakura was then taken outside, where the chief guard offered to lead him to Hijikata's solitary cell. When Nagakura approached the cell door, he hesitated before talking, but Hijikata called his name first. The two men proceeded to talk about their Shinsengumi days: Nagakura said that all he did for the Shinsengumi was because of Hijikata, and that it was because of his protection that he didn't have to commit seppuku. As they talked, their appearances seemingly changed to those of the young men they once were. As Nagakura cried, he asked Hijikata if their last fight before their had parted ways was Hijikata's way of protecting him. Hijikata replied that it was not true and he simply thought of Nagakura as a fool.

In the present, while everyone is fast asleep, Hijikata and Nagakura watch the fire. Someplace else, Sugimoto asks Asirpa if they've seen Hijikata somewhere before; however, Asirpa is already asleep. Sugimoto is then distracted by a sudden noise, which turns out to be just Ogata in the bushes.

Hijikata's group stays in Ashibetsu, where they discuss their future plans, while the 7th Division soldiers are reporting to Tsurumi in Otaru. Tsurumi is pleased to hear that they managed to stir chaos. He opens the safe with real skins he's gathered and smirks.

In Ashibetsu, Nagakura says that without being able to distinguish the fakes from real skins, they will have to rely on Shiraishi. Hijikata then concludes that the fastest way would be to approach Noppera-Bou directly. Kiroranke turns to Shiraishi and tells him that it's up to him to get them inside the prison. Shiraishi gets up and announces that he needs to take a piss, then leaves the room. When he gets on the first floor, he sees Sugimoto waiting for him. Shiraishi is glad to see him, but Sugimoto says they need to talk and leads him outside to a dark alley. In the alley, Sugimoto mentions that he remembered the old man from the fisherman longhouse and it was actually Hijikata — meaning he figured out Shiraishi has been working for him all this time. Shiraishi tries to explain himself, but Sugimoto attacks him, stabbing him with the bayonet as Shiraishi screams.

Shiraishi wakes up and realizes it was all just a nightmare. However, he is still afraid of Sugimoto finding out the truth, so he decides to escape. After maneuvering out of the house, he lands on the ground, where he is seen by a bunch of 7th Division soldiers who recognize him immediately. Shiraishi nervously laughs as he understand he won't be able to escape this time.

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Tattooed Skins[]

Sugimoto's Group 7th Division Hijikata's Group Skins found
5 7 (5 fake, 2 real) 6 11/24

Hijikata's Group in Ashibetsu, Sugimoto's Group on the way to Ashibetsu from Yubari, 7th Division in Otaru

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