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Genjirou Tanigaki (谷垣 源次郎, Tanigaki Genjirō) is a Matagi of Tohoku and the former Private First Class of the 7th Division. After leaving the 7th Division, Tanigaki has struggled with finding his place in this world, but now it seems he's finally found his purpose.


Tanigaki is a young Japanese man with a hairy and muscular body. He has dark brown eyes, short black hair, a thin beard along his jawline, and thick eyebrows. Since his fight with Sugimoto, he has a little scar on his right cheek.[2]

He wears a typical Japanese military uniform; in cold weather he also wears a vest made of skin. Later he is seen wearing an attush that once belonged to Asirpa's grandfather on top of the uniform.[3]


Tanigaki loved his younger sister, Fumi so dearly that when he found out she had died, he went on a warpath to avenge her even if it meant discarding the rest of his family and his Matagi heritage. After coming to a resolution over Fumi's death, Tanigaki became ashamed to see his father and brother again.

After finding Aoyama and learning that he had his purpose in life, Tanigaki began to question what his own purpose was. He finally found that purpose, as he will repay his debts to the Ainu people help Asirpa reunite safely with her family.

Tanigaki is an honourable man who will repay his debts to the people that have helped him, such as the Ainu people who was hospitable to him when his leg was injured. As such, he looks to be useful to those around him, even disregarding aforementioned injuries such as his healing broken leg. In addition, he's also shown to react strongly and negatively to the idea of mooching off of someone else. He's a man of his word, and always looks to pay his debts, even at the cost of his own life.

Tanigaki also possessed a strong sense of righteousness -Superior Private Ogata even commented on him being incorruptible-, not hesitating to fight against members of his own division after he's discovered their betrayal.

Due to being born in Tohoku, Tanigaki does not deal well with heat. Likewise, he does not seem to be heavily affected by extremely cold temperatures as he did not react heavily when he fell naked into a frigid lake.

Tanigaki seems to have a frail and low self-esteem, showing to cry easily under heavy criticism. Despite that, he can also appear blunt towards other people.


Tanigaki's stats from the fanbook

  • Sharpshooting proficiency: Tanigaki is well versed with a rifle and can shoot a target from distances away. He is armed with a Murata rifle.
  • Hunting and survival: being a Matagi, Tanigaki is experienced in hunting wild animals and surviving in hard condition.


Chapter Appearances[]

Escape King Arc
6. Persecution Absent
7. The Escape King Absent
8. Flight Debut
9. Cornered Rat Appears
10. Gamble Absent
11. Ainu Kotan Appears
12. Kamuy Mosir Absent
13. Guardian Spirit Mentioned
14. Howling Absent
15. Scent Absent
16. Shinigami Absent
17. Trackers Absent
18. Rescue Operation Absent
19. Gallop Absent
20. Argument Absent
21. Ghost Absent
Legendary Hunter Arc
22. Legendary Bear-Killer Appears
23. Hunter's Spirit Appears
24. What Lives On Appears
25. Yuk Appears
26. The Law of the Mountain Appears
27. The Scent of Death Appears
28. Complication Appears
29. The Old Man and the Mountain Appears


  • Tanigaki's name contains the kanji:
(谷) Valley
(垣) Hedge
(源) Source
(次郎) Second son
  • Tanigaki likes kiritanpo (mashed rice put on skewers and toasted over fire) but dislikes shiitake mushrooms.[4]
  • His Zodiac sign is Cancer, and his blood type is A.
  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll Tanigaki ranked 8th, gaining 5,369 votes. [5]
  • When asked what occupation Golden Kamuy characters would have if they lived in the present time, Satoru Noda said Tanigaki would be a squid fisherman in Hakodate.[6]
  • According to Golden Kamuy anime character reference sheet, Tanigaki's height is 185 cm (6'0). [7]
  • Tanigaki's chest size is similar to Jason Statham's. [8]
    • It was confirmed in the fanbook that his chest circumference is 124 cm. [9]
  • Tanigaki, Sugimoto and Nikaidou are the same age. [10]
  • Tanigaki is shorter than Ushiyama, about the same height as Ariko, and taller than Kiroranke.[11]
  • Tanigaki is lighter than Ushiyama, about the same weight as Sofia, and heavier than Ariko.[12]
  • Tanigaki is Noda Satoru's favorite character. [13]
  • He has the biggest testicles in the cast of Golden Kamuy.[14]
  • He also has one of the "juiciest" asses in the manga; the other listed characters are Shiraishi, Tsukishima, Ariko, and Usami. [15]
  • Finally, he is described by Noda as one of "the four heavenly kings of having huge dicks".[16]
  • After the start of the story and travelling with Inkarmat, Tanigaki has gained about 15 kg.[17]


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