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Golden Douga Gekijou (ゴールデン道画劇場) is a series of original net animation (ONA) hosted on NBCUniversal YouTube channel. It is based on the original Golden Kamuy manga chapters, often featuring omakes and moments that didn't make it to the anime episodes. Each episode is roughly 25-30 seconds long.

Golden Douga Gekijou episodes are broadcasted for a limited amount of time and are no longer accessible a week after its release publicly. However, one can access the episodes through Kamuy-Anime website or by buying DVD bundles.[1]

Season 1[]

# Title Plot Adapted Chapter Air Date (Japanese)
1 Squirrel Episode
リス編 (Risu-hen)
Asirpa catches a squirrel and makes citatap from it for her and Sugimoto to enjoy. Chapter 5 (Cover) April 17, 2018
2 Hare Episode
ウサギ編 (Usagi-hen)
Asirpa catches a hare and cooks it. Chapter 8 (Cover) April 23, 2018
3 Otter Episode 1
カワウソ編① (Kawauso-hen 1)
Asirpa catches an otter and forces Sugimoto to eat it. Chapter 14 (Cover, p. 4) May 1, 2018
4 Whac-A-Shiraishi Episode
シライシたたき編 (Shiraishi Tataki-hen)
Asirpa sees a weird dream featuring Shiraishi. Volume 3 omake May 8, 2018
5 Nihei Episode
Nihei編 (Nihei-hen)
Nihei plays in the snow as Tanigaki and Ryu watch. Chapter 23 (Cover) May 15, 2018
6 Shiraishi vs. Ryu Episode
白石VSリュウ編 (Shiraishi VS Ryū-hen)
As Sugimoto clashes with Nihei, Shiraishi tries to fight Ryu. Chapter 28 (Cover, p. 1-2) May 22, 2018
7 Farewell, Escape King... Episode
さよなら脱獄王・・・。編 (Sayonara Datsugoku-ō...-hen)
Asirpa tries to teach Shiraishi to hunt. Chapter 36 (Cover, p. 1) May 29, 2018
8 Forest Friends Odorigui♪ Episode
森の仲間を踊り食い♪編 (Mori no Nakama o Odorigui♪-hen)
Asirpa dreams of delicious squirrels. Chapter 44 (Cover) June 5, 2018
9 Kazuo Henmi Episode
辺見和雄編 (Kazuo Henmi-hen)
Henmi invites Sugimoto to demonstrate him various fish cutting tools while dreaming about being killed by him. Volume 5 omake June 12, 2018
10 Kamuy Daibakushō Episode
カムイ大爆笑編 (Kamui Daibakushō-hen)
Sugimoto, Asirpa, Shiraishi, Kiroranke, Ushiyama, and Ienaga dance and sing about finding gold. Chapter 55 (Cover) June 19, 2018
11 Seal Episode
アザラシ編 (Azarashi-hen)
Asirpa hunts a seal. Chapter 63 (Cover, p. 1) June 26, 2018
Otter Episode 2
カワウソ編② (Kawauso-hen 2)
Asirpa and Sugimoto eat another otter. July 27, 2018

Season 2[]

# Title Plot Adapted Chapter Air Date (Japanese)
12 Watching… Episode
見てる…編 (Miteru…-hen)
Asirpa notices Sugimoto eating something tasty. Chapter 73 (Cover, p. 1-3) October 9, 2018
13 Excerpt from Edogai-kuuun's "Fake Human Skin" Production Diary Episode
江渡貝くぅぅんの“偽物人皮”制作日記より抜粋編 (Edogai-kuuun no "Nisemono ninpi" seisaku nikki yori bassui-hen)
Edogai performs an eccentric dance while Tsukishima and Maeyama cheer for him. Chapter 80 (Cover) October 16, 2018
14 Woodcock's love fortune telling Episode
ヤマシギの恋占い編 (Yamashigi no koi uranai-hen)
Asirpa retells an Ainu poem about the woodcock kamuy. Chapter 83 (p. 9-10) October 23, 2018
15 Wait, Shiraishi Episode
待ってろ白石編 (Mattero Shiraishi-hen)
Everyone is trying to save Shiraishi! Chapter 94 (Cover)
Chapter 96 (Cover)
Chapter 97 (Cover)
October 30, 2018
16 Screeching Episode
ウキーッ編 (Ukī-hen)
Asirpa, Sugimoto, and Shiraishi try to fix the airship, annoying Ogata with their loud screeching. Chapter 100 (p. 1-2) November 6, 2018
17 Sey-pirakka Episode
セイピラッカ編 (Seipirakka-hen)
Osoma shows Tanigaki an Ainu children toy. Chapter 70 (Cover, p. 1-2) November 13, 2018
18 Ezo Pika Episode
エゾナキウサギ編 (Ezo naki usagi-hen)
Asirpa catches an ezo pika. Chapter 103 (Cover, p. 1) November 20, 2018
19 Kushiro Matagi Fortitude Episode
釧路マタギ旅情編 (Kushiro Matagi ryojō-hen)
Tanigaki sings a ballad. Chapter 117 (Cover) November 27, 2018
20 Can you say it properly? Episode
きちんと言えるかなぁ?編 (Kichinto ieru ka nā?-hen)
Tanigaki tries to make citatap for the first time, Asirpa feeds Sugimoto, Shiraishi, and Ogata. Chapter 119 (p. 15-16) December 4, 2018
21 Toot☆ Episode
~ッピュウ☆編 (Ppyuu☆-hen)
Shiraishi is appreciated for his Escape King talent. Chapter 126 (p. 11) December 11, 2018
22 Two Little Moles Episode
ふたりのホクロ君編 (Futari no hokuro-kun-hen)
Koito orders Usami to erase the running men off his face. Chapter 126 (p. 17-18) December 18, 2018

Season 3[]

# Title Plot Adapted Chapter Air Date (Japanese)
23 Cikapasi Episode
チカパシ編 (Chikapashi-hen)
Cikapasi plays in the snow. Chapter 142 (Cover) October 6, 2020
24 Showdown of the century Episode
世紀の対決編 (Seiki no taiketsu-hen)
Sugimoto, Tanigaki, Koito, and Tsukishima are ready to face Maiharu Gansoku in a stenka match. Chapter 144 (Cover)
Chapter 143 (Cover)
October 13, 2020
25 Are you tired? Episode
疲れたか?編 (Tsukareta ka?-hen)
Tanigaki and Cikapasi ask people if they saw the man in the photo. Chapter 154 (p. 10-11) October 20, 2020
26 Barrel-rolling Episode
たらい回し編 (Tarai mawashi-hen)
Sugimoto's group is trying to perform a barrel roll. Chapter 155 (p. 8-9) October 27, 2020
27 Haaa! Cold Episode
ハアアッ冷たいッ編 (Hā attsumetai-hen)
Sugimoto is rehearsing for his circus performance. Chapter 156 (p. 5-7) November 3, 2020
28 Roller skates Episode
ローラースケート編 (Rōrāsukēto-hen)
Sugimoto shares his performance ideas with Yamada. Chapter 156 (p.10-11) November 10, 2020
29 Lighthouse Episode
燈台編 (Tōdai-hen)
Tsukishima is cleaning the lighthouse lamp. Chapter 167 (p.10-12) November 17, 2020
30 Shiraishi on a dolphin Episode
イルカにのった白石編 (Iruka ni notta Shiraishi-hen)
Shiraishi rides a dolphin and sings a song. Chapter 170 (Cover) November 24, 2020
31 It's a dog Episode
イ犬だろ編 (Inudaro-hen)
Sugimoto's group wonders about a figurine's shape. Chapter 176 (p. 8-9) December 1, 2020
32 Suddenly from under the ice Episode
氷の下からひょっこりさん。編 (Kōri no shita kara hyokkori-san-hen)
Asirpa and Shiraishi catch a seal. Chapter 180 (p. 1-2) December 8, 2020
33 We came by dogs Episode
イヌで来た。編 (Inu de kita.-Hen)
Sugimoto, Tanigaki, Koito, and Tsukishima pose for a picture. Chapter 184 (Cover) December 15, 2020



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