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Susupo (ススポ), commonly known by her nickname Huci (フチ), is the grandmother of Asirpa through her maternal line. She can only speak Ainu. Her husband was the most important man in the village; he passed away 6 years before the beginning of the story.


Huci is an old Ainu woman of great status in her kotan, her age shows in her skin. She has deep wrinkles that crease and shape her face. Her eyelids sag over her eyes barely showing her irises. She has a large mouth tattoo that shows the importance of her husband. She's small and shorter than Asirpa. She wears a wide bandanna around her forehead similar to Aspira's. Clothed in traditional Ainu clothes.


Huci has a very warm and caring personality, feeding other children in the kotan and even Tanigaki when he recovers in the kotan. She's a more traditional Ainu, following old traditions and Ainu beliefs.


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Escape King Arc[]

Huci is first seen in the kotan, when Asirpa brings Sugimoto to her village. Asirpa invites Sugimoto to their house, cise, and introduces him to her grandmother, who she calls Huci Sugimoto promises Huci he will be leaving soon and explains that he only came to leave the bear cub and is not going to impose on her for long. Asirpa says that her grandmother doesn't understand sisam language but she wants Sugimoto to have a meal and spend the night in the kotan. Inside the cise, Sugimoto worries that his presence might cause problems. Huci says that Sugimoto is the first guest Asirpa ever brought here and they'd like to extend their hospitality. Asirpa tells Sugimoto that her late grandfather, ekasi, was the most important person in the village, so nobody would ever say anything against Huci. She shows Sugimoto Huci's mouth tattoo, saying the more important the man, the larger the tattoo his wife can get.

Speaking in Ainu, Huci tells Sugimoto that Asirpa spends all of her time in the mountains and can't do a woman's work; a woman that cannot sew or knit is unable to find an Ainu husband. She says that Asirpa refuses to get tattooed despite being nearly of age, and Asirpa argues that a lot of girl refuse to get tattooed — Huci is just old-fashioned. Asirpa's grandmother asks Sugimoto to take Asirpa as his wife, as she can't depart this world in peace until she knows her granddaughter is safe. Sugimoto asks Asirpa to translate what Huci just said, but Asirpa, visibly ablush, tells Sugimoto that Huci said that people shouldn't eat poop. Sugimoto smiles and once again claims that it's not poop, it's miso.

Huci tries miso for the first time.

Next day, Sugimoto and Asirpa return to the village with fish they caught in the trap. Sugimoto notices Huci doing some kind of gesture and asks Asirpa about it. Asirpa explains that Huci was making an offering to her guardian spirit: when you receive something you're supposed to share some of it with your guardian spirit. Asirpa tells Sugimoto that Huci can see turenpe and that his guardian spirit is very powerful. Huci and Asirpa prepare kinaohaw, a broth made from roasted sculpins and vegetables like daikon, carrot, potato, spinach, and kombu. Sugimoto makes an offering to his guardian spirit and tastes the broth, praising the flavor. Still, he thinks the broth would be made even better with miso. Asirpa snaps at Sugimoto, telling him to not take out his poop in her house, but Sugimoto manages to offer Huci some miso before Asirpa can do anything. Asirpa grabs a punishment rod, sutu, and menacingly approaches Sugimoto with it while Huci watches them with a smile.

On another night, when Asirpa and Osoma are fast asleep, Sugimoto is sitting together with Huci and Makanakkuru. When Makanakkuru leaves, Huci tells Sugimoto something important about Asirpa, but since she is speaking in Ainu, Sugimoto is not really able to understand her. Still, he says that he knows that Huci loves Asirpa very much, just like everyone else in this village.

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Huci is seen harvesting plants during "women's season" with her granddaughter and Tanigaki helping out. Later, once the food has been prepared and everyone as well as Makanakkuru are at home eating the supper, Huci is shown smiling happily as they enjoy it. Some days later, Huci is sitting around fire with her son, granddaughter, and Tanigaki. She listens on silently as Makanakkuru asks Tanigaki what he will do now that his leg has healed. The next day, a fortune-teller named Inkarmat has arrived at their kotan, asking for a girl with blue eyes. In her hut, with Makanakkuru translating, she finds out that Asirpa might be in terrible danger as one of her companions will betray her. As she hears this, she just remains silent with a concerned look on her face.

When Tanigaki makes his resolve to leave the kotan to find Asirpa, she said a message of protection to him and bade him farewell, as he heads out with Inkarmat.

Chapter Appearances[]

Escape King Arc
6. Persecution Absent
7. The Escape King Absent
8. Flight Absent
9. Cornered Rat Absent
10. Gamble Absent
11. Ainu Kotan Debut
12. Kamuy Mosir Appears
13. Guardian Spirit Appears
14. Howling Appears
15. Scent Absent
16. Shinigami Absent
17. Trackers Absent
18. Rescue Operation Absent
19. Gallop Absent
20. Argument Mentioned
21. Ghost Absent
Legendary Hunter Arc
22. Legendary Bear-Killer Flashback
23. Hunter's Spirit Absent
24. What Lives On Absent
25. Yuk Absent
26. The Law of the Mountain Absent
27. The Scent of Death Absent
28. Complication Absent
29. The Old Man and the Mountain Absent
Kazuo Henmi Arc
30. Legend Appears
31. 203 Hill Cover
32. Attack of the Mysterious Winged Terror! Mentioned
33. Run Like Hell Absent
34. Contact Absent
35. Courtship Absent
36. Useless Absent
37. Start of Spring Absent
38. Hunpe Absent
39. Fishermen and Killers Absent
40. Herring Mansion Absent
41. Shine Absent
42. Repun Kamuy Appears
43. Sinna Kisar Appears
44. Sniper Appears
45. Tanigaki the Matagi Absent
46. Punishment Appears
47. Huchen Flower Visually
48. Kiroranke Absent
49. Companion Absent


  • (To Sugimoto) "Mr. Sugimoto. Asirpa means more to me than anything in the world. Please always be there for her."[2]


  • Huci and Hijikata are the same age. [3]
  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll Huci ranked 35th, gaining 1 010 votes. [4]


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