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Hyakunosuke Ogata (尾形 百之助, Ogata Hyakunosuke) is a lone sniper and the former Superior Private of the 7th Division. Loyal only to himself, Ogata is pursuing the gold for his own reason, unknown to anyone.


Ogata has black hair that is shaved at the sides in an undercut fashion, a thin beard, and dark eyes. He sports a suture scar on each cheek, acquired after he fell from a cliff and broke his jaw while running from Sugimoto. [2]

While with the 7th Division, Ogata had a typical military buzzcut, which he later grew out to an undercut after going rogue and betraying Lt. Tsurumi. The changes in his appearances are explained by him feeling liberated. [3]

He wears a navy-blue uniform with red and yellow details, along with white gaiters, and he is often wearing an off-white button-up cloak and hood.

Ogata loses his right eye after being hit by Asirpa's poisoned arrow.[4] Sugimoto carves it out to prevent the poison from spreading. Afterwards Ogata's been wearing a bandage, covering his missing eye, but later he is shown to have a prosthetic eye.[5]


Ogata is analytical and coldblooded, a proud sniper who is used to examining things from afar and evaluating circumstances in order to best take advantage of them. Even when at a disadvantage, he keeps his nerve and takes the most efficient course of action.

Ogata is known for his marksmanship, a skill he honed since his childhood. He is ruthless and doesn't hesitate to kill, although he is aware that wanton slaughter is counterproductive, and would rather escape a fight he can't win than throw himself into it impulsively.

On the surface, Ogata is capable of acting amiable and polite; in order to achieve his goals, he can lie and deceive others. He is prone to caustic remarks and may openly look down on some people. Ogata also likes to snark about any perceived absurdity and incompetence, especially if it comes to warfare and keeping one's gun safe.

Although he is generally emotionless and indifferent to others, Ogata seems to be a very proud man who doesn't like to be doubted. If challenged, he would attempt to do a task that someone says would be difficult for him. He has a habit of slicking his hair back, as well as exhaling through his nose when praised.

Due to his upbringing, Ogata considers patricide to be a rite of passage to adulthood. He has also adopted an unusual and twisted philosophy, believing all people must be remorseless killers like him. Meeting anyone who contradicts that worldview triggers Ogata to experience a cognitive dissonance. Ogata's inability to empathize with others has caused him to misinterpret other people's actions, which often led to unforeseen and unfortunate consequences.


Ogata's stats from the fanbook

  • Mental Fortitude: As a sniper, Ogata has a very strong mental fortitude to stay perfectly still even within harsh weather conditions for long periods of time in order to fool his opponents.
  • Sharp Hearing: Ogata's sense of hearing is very acute as he is able to discern what kind of rifle a person is using after hearing a gunshot from it.
  • Russian Language: Ogata can speak Russian, something which seems to be a secret or not well known, as Koito was surprised to hear him speak the language.


  • Arisaka Type 30 Rifle: Despite being proficient with various weapons (such as Berdan M1870 Rifle, an older model of single-shot rifle, Nambu Type A 1902, and Spencer 1860 Carbine), Ogata prefers Type 30 rifle. He explains that the Type 30 rifles "use smaller rounds than Russian rifles, and that some say that they lack in stopping power, but for long distance shooting and accuracy, the Type 30 rifle is far superior," and that the Type 30 rifles are excellent for sniping and sharpshooting.

Chapter Appearances

Introduction Arc
1. Sugimoto the Immortal Absent
2. Wen Kamuy Absent
3. Trap Absent
4. Noppera-Bou Debut
5. Hokuchin Unit Appears
Escape King Arc
6. Persecution Absent
7. The Escape King Mentioned
8. Flight Mentioned
9. Cornered Rat Mentioned
10. Gamble Mentioned
11. Ainu Kotan Absent
12. Kamuy Mosir Absent
13. Guardian Spirit Mentioned
14. Howling Absent
15. Scent Absent
16. Shinigami Mentioned
17. Trackers Absent
18. Rescue Operation Absent
19. Gallop Absent
20. Argument Absent
21. Ghost Absent


  • Ogata's name contains the kanji:
(尾) Tail
(形) Shape
(百) Hundred
(之助) Ancient job title name for samurai
  • Ogata likes anglerfish hotpot but dislikes shiitake mushrooms.[6]
  • Ogata may have been based on the American sniper Carlos Hathcock. One of Ogata's sniping poses is very similar to that of a famous pose of Hathcock. Ogata's nickname "Wildcat" may have come from the Japanese title for the 1993 American movie Sniper (山猫は眠らない, Yamaneko ha Nemuranai), which is loosely based on Hathcock's experience in Vietnam.[7]
  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll, Ogata ranked 2nd, gaining 12,771 votes. [8]
  • When asked what occupation Golden Kamuy characters would have if they lived in the present time, Satoru Noda said Ogata would be a small town dentist. [9]
    • When asked the same question, Sugimoto's voice actor Chikahiro Kobayashi said Ogata would be a prosecutor, but Ogata's voice actor Kenjiro Tsuda argued that it's scary and said that he would probably be an IT entrepreneur.[10]
  • According to Golden Kamuy anime character reference sheet, Ogata's height is 171 cm (5'7). [11]
  • Ogata dislikes long baths. [12]
  • Ogata is older than Sugimoto, Nikaidou, Tanigaki and Ariko, but younger than Usami and Inkarmat.[13][14]
  • Ogata is shorter than Edogai but taller than Shiraishi.[15]
  • Ogata is lighter than Koito, about the same weight as Shiraishi, Nikaidou twins, Usami, and Wilk, and heavier than Kadokura.[16]
  • Ogata and Vasily are the same age.[17]
  • Through the story, Ogata is often compared to a cat or, more specifically, a wildcat or lynx:
    • He is nicknamed Ogata the Wildcat (山猫尾形, Yamaneko Ogata).
    • Ogata sniffs Asirpa's hand when she asks him whether it smells bad after she touched a snake.[18]
    • When Kiroranke shows Ogata the musk gland of the musk deer, Ogata sniffs it and opens his mouth, demonstrating what appears to be the flehmen response, a grimace that animals show when investigating sites of particular interest, or odors or tastes.[19]
    • Koito compares Ogata to meko oyasi, a monster cat from Karafuto Ainu legends.[20]
    • Ogata encounters a lynx and walks over its tracks, symbolically choosing his own "wild path".[20]
    • When Ogata returns to Hijikata's Group after the events in Karafuto, Ushiyama refers to him as "stray Ogata" (のら尾形, nora Ogata); at the same time, Ogata is seen scratching a hibachi stove with his feet, similar to the behavior of a cat.[21]
    • In the same chapter, Ogata is seen warming himself by a hibachi stove, which is likely a reference to a photo of the poet Murō Saisei and his cat.[22]
    • When talking about Vasily protecting them from Ogata, Sugimoto refers to Vasily as "cat repellent" (猫よけ, neko yoke).[23]
    • In the Golden Kamuy official fanbook, mangaka Satoru Noda released a small comic in which Sugimoto has a weird dream of Ogata who behaves like a domestic cat. Sugimoto comments how Ogata blinks slowly to say hello, then sees him scooting, thinking he might be irritated because of the parasites. Sugimoto pats Ogata on his lower back, saying that petting in that spot feels good and makes Ogata put his butt up. He then notices another Ogata with three even smaller Ogatas that Sugimoto calls "ogakittens" (子尾形, kogata). After seeing Ogata groom one of his "ogakittens", Sugimoto wakes up.[24]


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