Ilya (Илья) was a Russian spotter.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ilya is a middle-aged man with sharp eyes and a light beard. He wears a dark ushanka hat, a waistbelt coat, dark gloves and a scarf. He also carries binoculars, a rifle, and a bag aruound his shoulder.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ilya is a man who is committed to carrying out his mission, however he can get too excited which can leave him wide open for attacks. He is also reasonable enough as he allowed his partner, Vasily to continue with the mission while he is injured.

Ilya is also loyal to his country as he is willing to hunt his emperor's assassin and tells Kiroranke that Russia hasn't forgotten about him.

Background[edit | edit source]

Ilya fought in the Russo-Japanese War alongside his comrade Vasily.

Sometime during the story, the Russian government received a tip from the 1st Lieutenant of the 7th Division, Tsurumi, that the Russian emperor's assassin, Kiroranke may cross the Russian border, hiding out among one of the nomadic groups sometime in the near future. As a result, Ilya, Vasily, and two other men were stationed at the border to Russia.

Plot[edit | edit source]

True to Tsurumi's information, Ilya and his comrades sees Asirpa's group with Kiroranke among the Orok group attempting to cross the border. Vasily shoots one of the Orok guides, causing Asirpa's group to momentarily stop as they became aware of the Russian presence.

As Ilya and his comrades discuss whether Kiroranke was with them or not, Ilya tells them not to let any of them escape and that if they resist, they can kill them. When Kiroranke steps out into the open to save the Orok man, Ilya frantically orders Vasily to shoot him, but ends up getting shot by Hyakunosuke Ogata, which allows Asirpa's group to escape into the nearby woods.

While Ilya attempts to stop the bleeding, Vasily leaves to confront Ogata but is stopped by another one of their comrade who is concerned about Ilya's well-being. After listening to Vasily's reasoning, Ilya tells his comrades to go after them with a strained look on his face. Sometime later, he is approached by Kiroranke, Asirpa, and Yoshitake Shiraishi and he recognizes Kiroranke, repeatedly calling out his ephithet. He then takes out a wanted poster of Kiroranke and tells him that Russia hasn't forgotten about him before succumbing to his wounds.

Abilities and Equipments[edit | edit source]

Spotting - Ilya serves as a spotter for his sniper Vasily, thus he has good eyesights with which he can notice the enemy's movements.

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