The Kabato Prison is one of the many prisons in Japan. The current warden is Matasuke Ooshima.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Following the turmoil of the Meiji Restoration, there was a vast increase in the number of political prisoners. The existing prisons around the country were severely overcrowded, so Kabato Prison was built as a way to hold these prisoners.

Kabato Prison has at least two kinds of cells: the communal cells where the prisoners regularly stay in, together in odd numbers, in order to prevent them from raping each other, and the punishment cells known as the "Black Rooms" where the prisoners are thrown in with less than adequate living conditions. The prisoners wear red prison uniforms that makes them stand out with their prisoner numbers sewn on the collars of their uniform.

Shinpachi Nagakura once served as the swordsmanship instructor for the guards at Kabato Prison. Even after leaving that position, Nagakura continues to hold short training sessions a few times every year for at least 20 years. As a result, Nagakura may have some power at Kabato Prison to be able to arrange private meetings with prisoners without any guards present. A nun known as Sister Miyazawa came to Kabato Prison often in order to provide religious counseling services to the prisoners before it was abandoned.

Sometime after Yoshitake Shiraishi turned 20 years old, he was sent to Kabato Prison where he became cell mates with Chouan Kumagishi and Zenjirou Shibukawa. However, Shiraishi was able to break out by deceiving the guards using the shell of a stag beetle he claims to have befriended.

One day, a man named Kiyohiro Suzukawa came to Kabato Prison, pretending to be an important government official. Once inside, he flipped a fire switch that would open all of the communal cells at once, thus allowing all the convicts, including Kumagishi, Ekurok, Ekurok's Brother, and Retanno Ekasi to escape. As a result of this huge blunder, the warden at the time was fired and replaced by Ooshima.

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