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Kanjirou Kasahara (笠原 勘次郎, Kasahara Kanjirō) was one of the Abashiri Convicts. He followed Asirpa and Sugimoto from Otaru to kill them, but got caught in one of their traps. He was killed by Hyakunosuke Ogata.


Kasahara had a long thin face with a pointed nose and arched eyebrows. He had black hair which high temples, a widow's peak, and sideburns. He wore a white shirt, a dark hanten jacket over a robe, tied with an obi, as well as white trousers, and leg warmers that reached up to his calves. To keep himself warm in winter, he had his hands wrapped with only his fingers exposed.

Kasahara's Abashiri tattoo covered his entire upper body and parts of his arms.


Kasahara was a very cautious man, as he believed he could not trust anyone, especially after witnessing his fellow prisoners murdering each other. He appeared to not like direct confrontation, as he would sneak around and rather kill people in their sleep. He didn't seem to hold himself in high consideration either, as he just called himself a "small time punk" compared to his fellow prisoners.


For unknown reasons, Kasahara was sent to Abashiri Prison. He became acquainted with Noppera-Bou and had a tattoo placed on his body. Sometime later, when the guards were escorting them as a guise to find the Ainu gold, the Abashiri convicts killed them and turned on each other so that they could claim the gold for themselves. In the midst of this bloodbath, Kasahara ran away, fearing for his life. Since then, he was laying low but eventually came to Otaru.


Introduction Arc[]

Kasahara's death.

In the town of Otaru, when Saichi Sugimoto and Asirpa question a brothel owner about strange tattoos, Kasahara approaches the man, asking him about what they talked to him about. Upon finding out that they were looking for tattoos, Kasahara follows after Sugimoto and Ogata as they leave the town and go further into the woods. He wonders just how far they are planning to walk and pulls out pistol, preparing to kill the two. As he crosses the makeshift bridge, his neck gets caught in a trap set by Asirpa, revealing his tattoo.

Kasahara, having been caught by the duo, is bound up and interrogated by Sugimoto, who asks him where the other prisoners are. He reveals that he does not know, as the other prisoners started killing each other, so he ran away, fearing for his life. He becomes mortified when Sugimoto tells him that the man who tattooed him planned to skin them all along. He taunts Sugimoto and says that he'd be better off hunting rabbits. Before Sugimoto could threaten him more, they're interrupted by Asirpa, who stops Sugimoto from possibly killing Kasahara.

Later, Kasahara is seen tied up to a branch with his tattoo exposed. Asirpa copies it on paper with a pencil and asks Kasahara what the man that tattooed him was like. He reveals the man's name, Noppera-Bou, and says that he didn't have a face.

Before he could elaborate, he is shot in the head by an unknown sniper.


Chapter Appearances[]

Introduction Arc
1. Sugimoto the Immortal Absent
2. Wen Kamuy Absent
3. Trap Debut
4. Noppera-Bou Appears
5. Hokuchin Unit Absent


  • Kasahara liked soba noodles but disliked mutton.
  • Satoru Noda called Kasahara a weak character that he used as a plot device for setting the tempo of the story.[2]


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