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Captain Kouji Wada (和田 光示, Wada Kōji) was a member of the 7th Division. After berating Tsurumi, he was betrayed and killed by Tsukishima.[1]


Wada's signature feature is his mustache which stretches from under his nose all the way to the sides of his chin. He also has slanted eyes and eyebrows, which give him a stern appearance. His face is long and this is emphasised by his short stature, though these proportions are evened out in the anime as he is drawn significantly taller.

He wore the standard Japanese military uniform and hat along with a heavy coat that kept him warm during the winter.


Wada was an irritable and strict man that was prone to yelling and punishing his fellow officers. His punishments were most likely harsh as evidenced by the fact that he was willing to strip Tsurumi of his status as First Lieutenant.

He is implied to have lost trust in Tsurumi and had likely suffered at the hands of his superiors for continuously giving him leeway ("I can't cover for you anymore"), though this line was omitted in the anime.


Escape King Arc[]

Wada confronts Tsurumi.

Frustrated that Tsurumi has taken four of his men out to Otaru and subsequently lost them while allowing another to go into critical condition, Wada confronts and berates him for his incompetence as a lieutenant. Moreover, Wada accuses Tsurumi of secretly taking ammunition and weapons from Asahikawa. He then questions Tsurumi's motives, ending it off by pointing at him while noting that he can't cover for him anymore, and with an injury like his he shouldn't have managed to keep his rank of First Lieutenant. He exclaims that there is no place in the Imperial Japanese Army for Tsurumi, which leads to Tsurumi brutally biting his finger off, spitting it onto Wada's face, as he can only look on in rage and disdain. Wada then orders Tsukishima to fire at will; however, Tsukishima shoots Wada instead, killing him. Tsurumi tells his men to strip off Wada's body of his uniform and bury him, saying that he will make nice fertilizer for the plants when spring comes, unlike their comrades in Manchuria, whose graves are cold and barren stones.

Chapter Appearances[]

Escape King Arc
6. Persecution Absent
7. The Escape King Absent
8. Flight Absent
9. Cornered Rat Absent
10. Gamble Absent
11. Ainu Kotan Absent
12. Kamuy Mosir Absent
13. Guardian Spirit Debut
14. Howling Absent
15. Scent Absent
16. Shinigami Absent
17. Trackers Absent
18. Rescue Operation Absent
19. Gallop Absent
20. Argument Absent
21. Ghost Absent


  • In the 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll, Wada ranked 60th, gaining 412 votes.[2]


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