Makanakkuru (マカナックル, Makanakkuru) is Osoma's father and Asirpa's uncle through his sister.

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Makanakkuru is shown enjoying the food that his mother, daughter and Tanigaki prepared for them, and they have a merry night with Huci smiling at the three of them. Later on, Makanakkuru heads into town with Tanigaki to help him buy some ammo for a Murata rifle from a shopkeeper that he knows well. The shopkeeper tells him about an Ainu woman that is looking for a village where a girl with blue eyes live and that his niece fits that description. The two men heads back to the kotan but sees a deer and is able to kill it with a young boy watching them. They carve up the deer and Makanakkuru tells Tanigaki about the boy and asks for his name, to which he says it is Cikapasi. Back in the kotan, Makanakurru comments that Tanigaki's leg has healed and wonders what he will do now. The next day, a fortune-teller by the name of Inkarmat came to the village and Tanigaki brings her to Huci's house, where Makanakkuru is translating for his mother.

After hearing that his niece's life is in danger, Makanakkuru goes out to the field with Tanigaki and Cikapasi. He begins to smoke and a pipe and says that his mother had a dream last night about never seeing Asirpa again. He says that the Ainu people takes divination very seriously and is upset that Huci hasn't been able to sleep and his daughter has begun wetting the bed again. He does admit that Inkarmat's predictions are eerily accurate and is startled when Cikapasi asks if Huci will die. When Tanigaki makes his resolve to leave the kotan to find Asirpa, Makanakkuru went to bade him farewell with Huci and Osoma. He was able to nudge Osoma, who had been crying over saying good bye to her friend, to give Tanigaki a farewell gift.

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Makanakkuru has an associated gallery here.

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  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll Makanakkuru ranked 70th, gaining 274 votes. [1]

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