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Makanakkuru (マカナックㇽ, Makanakkuru) is Osoma's father and Asirpa's uncle through his sister.


Makanakkuru is a well built Ainu man with long, black hair that extends down to his neck and is parted evenly at the forehead, connected by a thick, unkempt beard. He also possesses eyebrows which are noticeably thicker than most and small wrinkles beneath his eyes.

His year round attire consists of a tan colored Ainu robe with black cloth on the cuffs and collar and white accents and oval designs sewed into the cloth. During the winter, he is often seen in a long sleeveless fur coat worn over his robe.


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Escape King Arc[]

On his way to Asirpa's house, Sugimoto is suddenly stopped by Makanakkuru, who saves him from triggering amappo, an arrow trap with aconite root poison. He tells Sugimoto of his cousin who was hit by a poisoned arrow like that; he died after spending several days in agony.

Makanakkuru explains Sugimoto how dangerous amappo' is.

Makanakkuru says that he's been worried about Asirpa since she's been going to the mountains on her own after her father's death, but now he can rest easier knowing a strong guy like Sugimoto accompanies his niece. Sugimoto corrects Makanakkuru, claiming it's Asirpa who is saving him most of the times. Makanakkuru says that Asirpa is a smart girl and Sugimoto must be a good man if she likes him. He reminisces of the story of the Ainu from their kotan gathering gold to fight off the sisam; the gold ended up being stolen and Asirpa's father was killed along with his comrades. He says that their ancestors gathered that gold and for decades, it lay untouched, until a group of men decided to use it to buy weapons. The people in the kotan believe that those men were killed by Wakkus Kamuy, god of the water. For Ainu, rivers are sacred and must be kept clean. Panning for gold turns the water in the river cloudy, which makes it difficult for fish to breathe; without fish animals like otters, foxes, and brown beers would disappear also. Makanakkuru exclaims that soiling the pristine waters just to gather weapons for war is something that shouldn't have been done. He believes that the gold was processed by some sort of evil spirit — it was cursed.

Some days later at night, when Asirpa and Osoma are fast asleep, Sugimoto is sitting together with Huci and Makanakkuru. They hear a wolf's howl, and Sugimoto says that he's seen a large white wolf protect Asirpa twice; he wonders why would an animal behave like that. Makanakkuru explains that it must be Retar's howl they're hearing now. He reveals that Asirpa and her father saved Retar from a brown bear when he was just a pup; he looked like a tiny snowman, so they named him Retar, which means "white". Makanakkuru notes that Asirpa and Retar were inseparable, and after Asirpa's father death, she would go up to the mountains with Retar a lot. Makanakkuru ends his tale by saying that, despite her mature behavior, Asirpa is still just a lonely, fragile little girl. As Makanakkuru picks up sleeping Osoma in his arms, he tells Sugimoto that Asirpa rarely smiled since that day, but now with him at her side Asirpa seems much happier.

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Makanakkuru is shown enjoying the food that his mother, daughter and Tanigaki prepared for them, and they have a merry night with Huci smiling at the three of them. Later on, Makanakkuru heads into town with Tanigaki to help him buy some ammo for a Murata rifle from a shopkeeper that he knows well. The shopkeeper tells him about an Ainu woman that is looking for a village where a girl with blue eyes live and that his niece fits that description. The two men heads back to the kotan but sees a deer and is able to kill it with a young boy watching them. They carve up the deer and Makanakkuru tells Tanigaki about the boy and asks for his name, to which he says it is Cikapasi. Back in the kotan, Makanakurru comments that Tanigaki's leg has healed and wonders what he will do now. The next day, a fortune-teller by the name of Inkarmat came to the village and Tanigaki brings her to Huci's house, where Makanakkuru is translating for his mother.

After hearing that his niece's life is in danger, Makanakkuru goes out to the field with Tanigaki and Cikapasi. He begins to smoke and a pipe and says that his mother had a dream last night about never seeing Asirpa again. He says that the Ainu people takes divination very seriously and is upset that Huci hasn't been able to sleep and his daughter has begun wetting the bed again. He does admit that Inkarmat's predictions are eerily accurate and is startled when Cikapasi asks if Huci will die. When Tanigaki makes his resolve to leave the kotan to find Asirpa, Makanakkuru went to bade him farewell with Huci and Osoma. He was able to nudge Osoma, who had been crying over saying good bye to her friend, to give Tanigaki a farewell gift.

Chapter Appearances[]

Escape King Arc
6. Persecution Absent
7. The Escape King Absent
8. Flight Absent
9. Cornered Rat Absent
10. Gamble Absent
11. Ainu Kotan Visually
12. Kamuy Mosir Mentioned
13. Guardian Spirit Debut
14. Howling Appears
15. Scent Absent
16. Shinigami Absent
17. Trackers Absent
18. Rescue Operation Absent
19. Gallop Absent
20. Argument Visually
21. Ghost Absent
Kazuo Henmi Arc
30. Legend Appears
31. 203 Hill Absent
32. Attack of the Mysterious Winged Terror! Absent
33. Run Like Hell Absent
34. Contact Absent
35. Courtship Absent
36. Useless Absent
37. Start of Spring Absent
38. Hunpe Appears
39. Fishermen and Killers Appears
40. Herring Mansion Appears
41. Shine Appears
42. Repun Kamuy Appears
43. Sinna Kisar Absent
44. Sniper Absent
45. Tanigaki the Matagi Absent
46. Punishment Absent
47. Huchen Flower Absent
48. Kiroranke Absent
49. Companion Absent


  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll Makanakkuru ranked 70th, gaining 274 votes. [1]


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