Mishima (三島, Mishima) was a member of the 7th Division. He was killed by Hyakunosuke Ogata.

Appearance Edit

Mishima has big eyes and keeps his head clean shaven. He wears the standard Japanese military uniform and hat, with a cloak over it to keep him warm during the Hokkaido winters, as well as light gloves on his hands and is carrying a rifle.

Personality Edit

Mishima is loyal to First Lieutenant Tsurumi as he has been following his orders to keep a watch on Ogata and Kouhei Nikaidou, who has betrayed him. He also trusts Genjirou Tanigaki and believes that he is not a traitor despite him being away from the platoon for quite some time.

Background Edit

In Meiji 38 (1905), Mishima took part in the Battle of Mukden during the Russo-Japanese War. He bore witness to Hajime Tsukishima assaulting 2nd Lieutenant Tsurumi for having lied to him for the past nine years. As he and the other 7th Division soldiers gathered in concern, Tsurumi asked them to leave the both of alone to talk.

Plot Edit

After Tanigaki was able to wound Nikaidou and Ogata, Mishima appeared behind him telling him not to move. Tanigaki recognizes him and asks what he is doing here. Mishima tells him that he has been tailing Nikaidou and Ogata and keeping Tsurumi updated on their whereabouts. He also says that Tsurumi purposely let them operate freely, so that they would expose all of the other traitors. Mishima says that he was planning to quitely watch from the shadows until Ogata met up with Corporal Tamai, but Tanigaki showed up and took him out. As Mishima is about to report to Tsurumi, Tanigaki hesitates for a moment, causing him to question what's wrong. Just then, Ogata shoots MIshima in the head, which causes him to double over and fall down the cliff, already dead as his body came to a stop at the bottom.

Abilities and Equipments Edit

As a member of the 7th Division, Mishima is at least proficient in military knowledge and tactics. He is also armed with a rifle, and presumably adept with it.