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Otaru (小樽, Otaru) is one of the most populated cities in Hokkaido, Japan.


In the latest days of Meiji era, Otaru has developed into a major port and become a financial hub known as "The Wall Street Of The North". Otaru was the largest commercial center in Hokkaido, but beyond the city limits lay untamed mountains and forests. There were Ainu settlements nearby, too.

At that time, Otaru was packed with brothels, many of which disguised themselves as "soba restaurants". The prevalence of brothels was so large that it was difficult to find a real soba restaurant.[1]


Introduction Arc[]

During their searches for tattooed prisoners, Sugimoto and Asirpa come to Otaru to ask passersby about strange tattoos.

Kazuo Henmi Arc[]

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  • At the time, in winter, the snow that covered the roofs and streets of Otaru would freeze until it was as hard as stone. The people of the city carved away the snow and used it to build walls. These walls built of high-piled snow chunks could be seen all over the city.[2]


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