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Retar (レタㇻ, Retar) is a white Ezo wolf and friend of Asirpa. After Asirpa's father died, Asirpa would often go to the woods accompanied by Retar.


Retar is very large Ezo wolf with solid white fur and yellow eyes.


Retar is quite protective of Asirpa.


Retar as a cub.

Retar was born in Hokkaido, near Sapporo.[2] He was found as a small wolf cub next to a body of his dead parent that was mauled by a bear when Asirpa and her father were out hunting. They ended up saving him from a brown bear and named him Retar, which means "white", since he looked like a tiny snowman.

Asirpa and Retar often spent time together, especially after Wilk passed away. However, they belonged to different worlds: one night, when Asirpa and Retar were in the forest, they were awoken by a howling. Retar wanted to follow the sound, but Asirpa tried to stop him, asking not to listen and come back to her. After looking at Asirpa for one last time and letting out a howl, Retar ran away, leaving Asirpa alone and sobbing, crying out for Retar and her aca.


Introduction Arc[]

When Asirpa is attacked by a bear, Retar jumps before the bear and strikes it, ripping a small piece of flesh off the bear's snout. The bear tries to counter-attack it, but Retar swiftly dodges the bear's paw. As Asirpa watches Retar protect her, she reaches out her hand and calls Retar by his name. She then instructs Sugimoto to aim for the bear’s heart, which is right under its armpit.

After the bear is dead, Sugimoto asks where the huge white dog went. Asirpa corrects him, saying Retar is actually a wolf. She points at a hill, where Retar is seen howling on the moon.

The last Horkew Kamuy.

Escape King Arc[]

Retar senses that Asirpa is in danger and charges at Genjirou Tanigaki, who's held Asirpa at the gunpoint. Retar breaks Tanigaki's leg and is about to bite into his throat when Asirpa stops him. Asirpa tells Retar that he is the last Horkew Kamuy (Wolf God, or Howling God) and she cannot let him become Wen Kamuy for her sake. Still, she is thankful that he's saved her. Asirpa scratches Retar's belly and calls him a good wolf. They keep playing around until Sugimoto appears, calling out to Asirpa. Alerted by his voice, Retar flees, and Sugimoto wonders if the wolf took down Tanigaki, who is lying unconscious. He asks Asirpa if the soldier is alive, and Asirpa chooses to lie and tell Sugimoto that Tanigaki is dead, thinking that a tough guy like him would survive here even with a broken leg.

Later, Tanigaki comes to his senses and thinks of the gorgeous wolf with silver-white fur he saw. Tanigaki decides that it must be his Matagi blood calling, and he won't stop until he has hunted the wolf down.

Some other night, Sugimoto is sitting together with Huci and Makanakkuru. They hear a wolf's howl, and Sugimoto says that he's seen a large white wolf protect Asirpa twice; he wonders why would an animal behave like that. Makanakkuru explains that it must be Retar's howl they're hearing now.

Asirpa and Retar catch Shiraishi.

When Sugimoto leaves and Asirpa starts searching for him, she calls Retar. Asirpa blows into a deer whistle (ipapkeni) to imitate a deer's cry so that Retar would come to the sound. Being able to tell that Asirpa needs his help just from her scent, Retar comes to her aid. Asirpa gives Sugimoto's sock to Retar he would follow his scent. She decides they should start searching at night so Retar wouldn't stand out too much. At night, Asirpa and Retar go to Otaru searching for Sugimoto After picking up the scent, Retar points to a building where Sugimoto is supposed to be. Asirpa and Retar get inside, and Retar finds a sleeping man there. Asirpa takes out the sutu and hits the man, assuming it's Sugimoto, but after lighting the cinoyetat she sees Yoshitake Shiraishi before her, who she calls "excrement king". Asirpa wonders why Retar would take her to Shiraishi since he wouldn't follow the wrong scent. Shiraishi says he is there on his own, and Asirpa explains that she gave Sugimoto's sock to Retar to follow its scent. Shiraishi realizes that he and Sugimoto must have mixed up their socks after they dried their clothes. Asirpa makes a disgusted face and calls it gross. Shiraishi wonders if Sugimoto double-crossed Asirpa and left with taking all the tattooed skins they gathered. He then reveals that he heard a rumor of a some guy in a military cap starting a fight in the red-light district and then being taken to the 7th Division home base. Asirpa points her arrow at Shiraishi, demanding he take her to the 7th Division's base.

Shiraishi reluctantly agrees but says he needs to wash his face first. Asirpa thinks of how she knew something bad would happen to Sugimoto. She is then alerted by Retar and notices that Shiraishi is running away. The Escape King climbs the roofs and digs a tunnel under a fence, but he is caught by Retar. Asirpa claims that Shiraishi can try running all he wants, but he will never escape the tracking ability of a Horkew Kamuy.

Later, Asirpa shoots Lt. Tsurumi's horse with an arrow. Retar wants to eat the piece of horse flesh that Asirpa carved from the horse's body, but Asirpa says he can't do that.

After getting away from the 7th Division, Asirpa, Sugimoto, and Shiraishi have to decide what to do with the horse. Sugimoto wants to keep it, but Shiraishi disagrees, claiming the horse will stand out and that disposing of it will be the best option. Asirpa says that she wants to give Retar a reward for helping them, so Shiraishi concludes its decided and shoots the horse while Sugimoto watches it with sadness in his eyes.

Legendary Hunter Arc[]


  • Sense of smell: As a wolf, Retar has a very sharp sense of smell and can sense his prey and possible intruders to his territory.

Chapter Appearances[]

Introduction Arc
1. Sugimoto the Immortal Absent
2. Wen Kamuy Debut
3. Trap Absent
4. Noppera-Bou Absent
5. Hokuchin Unit Absent
Escape King Arc
6. Persecution Absent
7. The Escape King Absent
8. Flight Absent
9. Cornered Rat Appears
10. Gamble Absent
11. Ainu Kotan Appears
12. Kamuy Mosir Cover
13. Guardian Spirit Absent
14. Howling Flashback
15. Scent Appears
16. Shinigami Appears
17. Trackers Appears
18. Rescue Operation Appears
19. Gallop Appears
20. Argument Appears
21. Ghost Absent
Legendary Hunter Arc
22. Legendary Bear-Killer Absent
23. Hunter's Spirit Visually
24. What Lives On Appears
25. Yuk Appears
26. The Law of the Mountain Mentioned
27. The Scent of Death Appears
28. Complication Appears
29. The Old Man and the Mountain Appears


  • Retar likes deer but has no dislikes.[3]
  • Retar is an Ezo wolf; however, the Ezo wolf was recorded to have gone extinct during the Meiji Restoration, as mentioned by Sugimoto.
  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll, Retar ranked 12th, gaining 3,376 votes. [4]


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