Retar (レタㇻ, Retar) is a white wolf and friend of Asirpa.

Appearance Edit

Retar is very large Ezo wolf with solid white fur and yellow eyes.

Personality Edit

Retar is quite protective of Asirpa.

Background Edit

He was found as a small wolf cub next to the bodies of his dead parents, when Asirpa and her father were out hunting. They ended up saving him from a brown bear, and named him Retar. The two of them often spent time together, especially after Asirpa's father died. One night, howling is heard, and Retar decides to leave Asirpa to run off to the source of it.

Plot Edit

When Sugimoto and Asirpa are attacked by a bear, Retar jumps before the bear and strikes it, ripping a small piece of flesh off the bears' snout. The bear tries to counter-attack it, but Retar swiftly dodges the bears' paw. Retar growls at it, meanwhile, Sugimoto aims at its heart. After the bear is dead, Sugimoto asks where the ''huge white dog'' went and Retar is seen on a moonlit hill looking at them and then howling.

Abilities Edit

Retar has a very good sense of smell.

Trivia Edit

Retar likes deer.

Retar is an Ezo wolf; however, the Ezo wolf was recorded to have gone extinct during the Meiji Restoration, as mentioned by Sugimoto.

How many episodes did he appear.