Satoru Noda (野田サトル Noda Satoru, real name 野田 智 Noda Satoru) is the mangaka of Golden Kamuy. He was born in Kitahiroshima, Hokkaido, Japan.

Career Edit

Noda made his manga debut in 2003 with the untranslated work Today, Kyoko's Misfortune (恭子さんの凶という今日 Kyouko-san no kyou to iu kyou). In 2006, he won a prize with the one-shot The Goalie Only Looks in Front (ゴーリーは前しか向かない Goorii wa mae shika mukanai).

From 2011 to 2012, Noda serialized Supinamarada! (スピナマルダ), an ice hockey manga which ran for 6 volumes. He started working on Golden Kamuy in 2014, for which he received the annual award Manga Taishō in March 2016.

His editor is Hakkou Ookuma and his Ainu language consultant is Hiroshi Nakagawa, a professor at Chiba University.

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