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Sofia Golden Hand (София Золотая Ручка, Sofia Goruden Hando) is the leader of the Russian revolutionary movement and a comrade of Kiroranke and Wilk.


Sofia is a fairly large but well built middle-aged woman with a thick face, a cleft chin, dark eyes, and dark hair which she kept under a bandanna and braided up. She wears a trench coat over a long sleeved shirt under a floral dress and boots.

In her youth, Sofia was quite beautiful, being much slimmer than her current self, wore lipstick, and her hair was much longer, reaching the middle of her back.


Sofia is a rough woman with a bold demeanor who would often commit crimes in order to fund her revolutionary activities. She cares deeply about her men as she would not run away and let them fight by themselves, rather choosing to fight alongside them. Sofia also appears to be a masochist as she enjoys being tortured.

Sofia is described by Kiroranke as being refined and full of courage and that she would dote on him like a younger brother. She also seems to have a soft spot for babies as seen while handling Olga.

Ever since the death of Olga, Sofia has always blamed herself for what happened to the baby and that she does not deserve happiness as a woman. As such, even though she loves Wilk, she is afraid of what life as a revolutionary would do to her family.

Sofia was once compared to Takamori Saigou who was described as being an honest, honourable, and compassionate person, was also supremely talented at commanding others, and considered popular with all the necessary traits to make a great leader.

Although Sofia holds disdain towards the Russian Orthodox Church, she seems to hold respect for and is knowledgeable about the customs and beliefs of ethnic minorities. This can be seen as when she stops one of her men from shooting a tiger, she cites that killing one will bring a lifetime of misfortune.


Sofia's stats from the fanbook

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  • Sofia seems to be based off of two historical figures:
    • Sonya Golden Hand, a famous con artist and robber who was exiled to the Sakhalin penal colony.
    • Sophia Perovskaya, a Russian revolutionary who was in charge of orchestrating the assassination of Alexander II of Russia.
      • Sofia shares her birthday, September 13, with real life Sophia Perovskaya.
  • Sofia likes vodka, tobacco, and potatoes but dislikes mice and rats.[3]
  • Sofia is shorter than Shiraishi, same height as Hijikata and Usami, and taller than Kirawus.[4]
  • Sofia is lighter than Ushiyama, same weight as Tanigaki, and heavier than Ariko.[5]
  • Sofia is one of the few cigarette smokers in the series. According to Satoru Noda, "the point is that she smokes through the gap in her front teeth".[6]


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