Tetsuzou Nihei (二瓶鉄造, Nihei Tetsuzō) was a hunter and one of the Abashiri Convicts. He owns a dog named Ryu.

Appearance Edit

Nihei is an old man with gray hair that messed up reminiscent of strips than genuine yarn. He has a beard. He has a stern expression on his face with deep wrinkles. He has a muscular physique with the map tattoos on his upper body like the other Abashiri Convicts. He wears western-style hunter clothes and carries a old single-shot rifle.

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Personality Edit

He's a tough and loud macho guy with a big and tenacious personality that won't back out of a hunt. He often calls women terrifying and yells "BONER" when he gets excited about a hunt.

Background Edit

While in Abashiri Prison, he became cellmates with Kazuo Henmi and Yoshitake Shiraishi. Shiraishi asked him about a nun known as Sister Miyazawa, but Nihei says that he's never heard of her. One day, as the three along with Gotou were being escorted by a guard on a walk through the prison grounds, Shiraishi spotted Sister Miyazawa and begins to chase after her. The guard tries to stop him but is tackled by Henmi, giving Shiraishi enough time to meet her.

Plot Edit

He was hunting for Retar, but was killed by Retar's mate.

Abilities and Equipments Edit

He's a great hunter, and has killed over 200 bears . Nihei had an Ainu hunting dog, named Ryuu. He used to own a Murata one-shot rifle but since he was killed, Tanigaki Genjirou has been holding it in memory.

Trivia Edit

Nihei likes bears but dislikes nothing.