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Tetsuzou Nihei (二瓶 鉄造, Nihei Tetsuzō) was a hunter and one of the Abashiri Convicts. He owned a dog named Ryu.


Nihei is an old man with gray hair that messed up reminiscent of strips than genuine yarn. He has a beard. He has a stern expression on his face with deep wrinkles. He has a muscular physique with the map tattoos on his upper body like the other Abashiri Convicts. He wears western-style hunter clothes and carries a old single-shot rifle.


He's a tough and loud macho guy with a big and tenacious personality that won't back out of a hunt. He often calls women terrifying and yells "BONER" when he gets excited about a hunt.

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Nihei was born in Ishikari, Hokkaido.[2]

While in Abashiri Prison, he became cellmates with Kazuo Henmi and Yoshitake Shiraishi. Shiraishi asked him about a nun known as Sister Miyazawa, but Nihei says that he's never heard of her. One day, as the three along with Gotou were being escorted by a guard on a walk through the prison grounds, Shiraishi spotted Sister Miyazawa and begins to chase after her. The guard tries to stop him but is tackled by Henmi, giving Shiraishi enough time to meet her.

In Chapter 259, Nihei and Shiraishi (his cell mate in Abashiri Prison) greets Fusatarou Oosawa after he is released from solitary. After discussing why Boutarou got in solitary and their upbringings, Nihei tells Shiraishi and Boutarou to give up on the gold and to think of the tattoos as, "nothing more than a way to break out of this place." Boutarou says he wants to buy an island and become a king. Nihei observes that he wants to be someone with power. Shiraishi and Nihei joke about Boutarou being king. Boutarou talks about his dream of his own country, elaborating he wants to make his own homeland.


Legendary Hunter Arc[]

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Nihei was hunting for Retar, but was killed by Retar's mate.


Nihei's stats from the fanbook

  • Legendary Hunter: He was a great hunter, and killed over 200 bears during his lifetime .


Chapter Appearances[]

Legendary Hunter Arc
22. Legendary Bear-Killer Debut
23. Hunter's Spirit Appears
24. What Lives On Appears
25. Yuk Appears
26. The Law of the Mountain Appears
27. The Scent of Death Appears
28. Complication Appears
29. The Old Man and the Mountain Appears


  • (To Tanigaki) "If you don't end it in one shot, you die. I've only got one shot, and that's why I can use it with absolute confidence."[3]
  • "My hunter's spirit is throbbing with desire!"[4]
  • "Boner!"[4]


  • Nihei's appearance and personality are largely based on a character of Nihei Toshimitsu from Satoru Noda's previous work, Supinamarada!.
  • Nihei liked bear meat and disliked nothing.
  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll Nihei ranked 24th, gaining 2, 023 votes. [5]
  • There was supposed to be a scene between Nihei and Tanigaki performing matagi initiation ritual of kuraidori (クライドリ), with Nihei on the receiving end. However, since the ritual is too obscene, the idea was scrapped.[6]
  • Nihei could have become the main character of Golden Kamuy, but Satoru Noda changed his decision afterwards.[7]
  • Nihei is shorter than Kikuta and taller than Vasily.[8]
  • Nihei is lighter than Kikuta and heavier than Vasily, Sugimoto and Tsukishima.[9]
  • Nihei is older than Ushiyama, and younger than Ienaga and Nagakura.[10]


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