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Toshizou Hijikata (土方 歳三, Hijikata Toshizō) is the vice-commander of the Shinsengumi and leader of his group.


In his youth, Hijikata had no wrinkles or a beard on his face and his eyebrows were dark and smaller. His dark hair was swept to the back off his head similar to his current hairstyle but shorter. He also somewhat resembles Saichi Sugimoto. During the Bakumatsu period, Hijkata sported long dark hair that he kept tied in a ponytail and wore a kimono with the Shinsengumi haori over it.

Now, he is a rather frail old man but looks energetic. He has long white hair and a chin tuft. His upper body is covered in the tatttooed map.

Hijikata wears a black suit to blend in with a green coat to protect himself from the cold. He is usually seen with his sword Izumi-no-Kami Kanesada and a Winchester rifle.


Despite being an old man imprisoned for decades, Hijikata is energetic and optimistic.

Hijikata is very ambitious despite his old age and plans to take over Hokkaido and create his own country in defiance of Japan. To do so, he takes swift and decisive action to search for the gold. As a former Shinsengumi, Hijikata is ruthless and doesn't hesitate to kill his opponents.

Always smiling, Hijikata is flamboyant and regularly boasts about his ambitions and prowess despite his age. He is civil toward people but merciless against his enemies, always shouting to his men to kill every opponent.

Hijikata considers that in battle, the best soldiers are those ready to die fighting.


  • Swordsmanship
  • Medical knowledge


Winchester 1892 rifle

Chapter Appearances[]

Escape King Arc
6. Persecution Absent
7. The Escape King Debut
8. Flight Absent
9. Cornered Rat Absent
10. Gamble Absent
11. Ainu Kotan Absent
12. Kamuy Mosir Appears
13. Guardian Spirit Absent
14. Howling Absent
15. Scent Absent
16. Shinigami Absent
17. Trackers Absent
18. Rescue Operation Absent
19. Gallop Absent
20. Argument Appears
21. Ghost Appears


  • (To Ushiyama) "It doesn't matter how old you are. Boys just love to play with swords, right?"[2]
  • "You can't count on raw numbers winning battles for you. What matters is how many men on your side are prepared to die."[3]
  • "If all you think about is survival, then you might as well already be dead."[3]


  • Hijikata is based on the real life figure of Hijikata Toshizō, the vice commander of the Shinsengumi who lived during the Bakumatsu period and opposed the Meiji Restoration.
  • Hijikata likes ochazuke but has no dislikes.[4]
  • Hijikata's nickname as a young man was Baragaki (バラガキ) which came from (茨のように, Ibara no yō ni) meaning "like a thorn" and (乱暴なガキで, Ranbōna gaki de) meaning "with a rough brat".
  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll, Hijikata ranked 11th, gaining 3,562 votes.[5]
  • Hijikata and Huci are the same age.[6]
  • Hijikata is shorter than Shiraishi, about the same height as Sofia and Usami, and taller than Kirawus.[7]
  • Hijikata is lighter than Kantarou, about the same weight as Edogai, and heavier than Nagakura.[8]
  • According to Golden Kamuy anime character reference sheet, Hijikata's height is 168 cm (5'6). [9]


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