Yoshitake Shiraishi (白石 由竹, Shiraishi Yoshitake) is one of the Abashiri Convicts that travels with Sugimoto's Group. He is also known as the Escape King (脱獄王, Datsugoku-ō).

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Shiraishi is an ordinarily built man whose upper body is covered in the tattooed map. He has light hair which he keeps in a buzzcut complete with sideburns and a small beard. If he grew out his hair, it would be slightly wavy. [2]

Shiraishi wears a purple hanten (winter jacket) which was given to him as a gift by a brothel girl who liked him.[3] Underneath he wears western style clothes, a white shirt and a black vest.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Shiraishi is carefree and goofy, and prefers to sneak his way out of trouble.

Shiraishi is rather immature. Most of the time, Shiraishi lacks seriousness and prefers to spend time on frivolous pursuits like gambling or eating rather than looking for the gold. He also likes pretty women; his backstory involves him searching for a woman he fell in love with through a sloppy drawing. Shiraishi is a romantic, but he's never had a significant other and only had sexual relationships with prostitutes. [4]

Shiraishi has a roguish personality. Because he lacks strength, he prefers to flee danger but is confident in his ability to escape any bond. He tends to keep his calm when in danger as a result and given time, can psychologically dominate his guards and manipulate them. Shiraishi is sociable and easily makes friends and useful acquaintances, so while in prisons he was often in contact with a lot of political prisoners, and quite a few people who worked in intelligence.[5]

Background[edit | edit source]

Shiraishi was born in Southern Kanto region.[6] As a baby, he was abandoned in a temple. The temple was old and ran by a single priest, and, after some time, Shiraishi, still a kid, ran away. In his youth, Shiraishi was put into juvenile prisons but broke out of them multiple times. After he had turned 20, he was sent to Kabato Prison where the guards kept a careful watch on him. While at Kabato Prison, he was put into a communal cell with Chouan Kumagishi and Zenjirou Shibukawa.

One day, the guards called out all the prisoners to show them the body of a prisoner who had killed a guard and attempted to escape. Shiraishi comments that only a moron would break out during outside labour, which the guard hears. He berates Shiraishi and orders him to take off his clothes for a strip search. A dung beetle comes out of his armpit and when inquired about it, he says that it is his conversation partner and threatens to escape while the guard is on duty, when he tries to step on it.

Back in his cell, as he putting his clothes back on, Kumagishi asked him why he said that, to which Shiraishi says that it would be easier for the guards to capture any prisoners that tries to flee in the day, and that escape must be done at night. Kumagishi asks him to take him with him when he flees and Shiraishi asks what he can offer for him. He says that he is a good artist and draws him a shunga picture of a nun known as Sister Miyazawa.

At first Shiraishi is not impressed with the quality of the drawing, but keeps it close to him for comfort and also to masturbate. On one such occasion, he was caught by his cellmate Shibukawa who asks him if he knows why the prisoners are put into each cells in odd numbers. He replies that it would be easier to make escape plans with only two people, but Shibukawa says it is to stop them from raping each other.

He wanted to know more about Sister Miyazawa so he made his plans to escape with Kumagawa and help from other prisoners and were able to make a copy of the key to the prisons. However, the guards barged into his cell saying that they had received a report that he was hiding a key and after a strip search managed to find it beneath his tongue. As a result, he was sent to the Black Room where he spots a stag beetle on the wall. Inside, he reveals that the key the guards had was a fake, that he had hidden the real key inside his anus, that he had asked another prisoner to make the report and that he had planned to escape without Kumagishi. He then decides to wait around for a stormy night to cover up the sounds of his escape.

During his stay in the Black Rooms, he is stripped down by the guards numerous times and on at least one occasion was submitted to an anal cavity search, where he had previously hidden his key. The guards search every corner of his room for any tools that he may use to escape, and one of them notices the stag beetle sitting on the wall. Shiraishi tells them not to kill it and threatens to escape on their watch if they do. The truth was that he had hollowed out the stag beetle's body and stored the key inside it. With this, a stormy night eventually came, and Shiraishi successfully made his escape.

Immediately after breaking out of Kabato Prison, Shiraishi went to a gambling hall where he asked some of the recently released yakuza members for information about Sister Miyazawa. One of them directs him to Maebashi Prison in Gunma prefecture. However the guard recognizes him and have him thrown in. He is unable to find any information about the sister but a guard did tell him about a sister at Kanazawa Prison in Ishikawa prefecture. With that, he starves himself so that he is skinny enough to break out and heads to Kanazawa Prison where he is thrown in again due to a tip off by the Maebashi guards. He broke out once more and went to Akita Prison and Kyoto Prison. He broke out of every prisons that he has became known as the "Escape King".

After being caught stealing vegetables by a farmer, he was turned in over to the police and sent to Abashiri Prison. At Abashiri, he became cellmates with Tetsuzou Nihei and Kazuo Henmi. He asked them about Sister Miyazawa, but they came up with nothing. One day, he along with Nihei, Henmi, and Gotou were being escorted by a guard when he spotted nun heading inside a building. Thanks to Henmi tackling their guard, he was able to meet and confirm that the nun is Sister Miyazawa. However, upon seeing her face, he saw that the drawing was an exact likeness of her appearance and he gave up on chasing her.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Escape King Arc[edit | edit source]

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Legendary Hunter Arc[edit | edit source]

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Kazuo Henmi Arc[edit | edit source]

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Murder Hotel Arc[edit | edit source]

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Battle in Barato Arc[edit | edit source]

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Immortal Beast Arc[edit | edit source]

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After the ordeal with the bears and the yakuza, Shiraishi listens on as Kiroranke states that Asirpa's great-aunt would be glad to see her daughter's clothing again. When Dun takes out a book from a chest he had, Shiraishi reacted with horror to see that the book was made out of a human face skin. (70) They return to Huci's sister's kotan, and he along with Kiroranke heads out to capture some fishes while Sugimoto and Asirpa harvests some plants. Upon returning, they proclaim to Sugimoto and Asirpa that they were able to catch some Masu salmon, and Shirashi notes that Sugimoto had eaten some butterbur leaves to which Sugimoto points out that he had done the same. Shiraishi then turns his attention to Asirpa and sees that she had eaten too much, and so they laugh in amusement.

Back inside the kotan, they are enjoying a hot pot of Icaniw ohaw. After Asirpa falls asleep, he asks Sugimoto what the stuff on his face was and he says it's just medicine to help his scars heal. He says that Sugimoto may be popular with the ladies and wonders if he has a woman back home, but Kiroranke tells him to lay off him. Eventually, Shiraishi falls asleep next to Asirpa and is woken up the next morning when she hits him in disgust. The group then leaves Huci's sister's kotan and sets out for Abashiri.

Edogai Arc[edit | edit source]

In the town of Yubari, when Asirpa tries to sell the bear's gall bladder, the buyer attempts to scam her only to get threatened by Sugimoto and Kiroranke. Shiraishi tries to calm the situation down, saying that the two men are war veterans and that they don't have restraints. To this, Sugimoto just hits him and continues to intimidate the man. Despite being constantly hit by Sugimoto, Shiraishi just acts nonchalantly, talking to the buyer. Later, the group heads to a river, where they play around and catches some lamprey. Shiraishi fails to catch one, resulting in Kiroranke telling him to go play with Asirpa, who had been catching some brook lamprey with her foot. When Sugimoto attempts to catch one too, he grabs Shiraishi's toe, which causes him to fall over. As Shiraishi got up, Asirpa points out a lamprey that had gotten itself stuck on Shiraishi's head, and Kiroranke suggests that they should get to cooking.

Huddled around a campfire as Kiroranke prepares the meal, Shiraishi gives some cooking instructions to him for some unaju made with lamprey. When Shiraishi comments that lamprey are made of nothing but bones, Kiroranke tells them of an Ainu legend in which a bear was struck down and killed by a god, and its intestines became the lamprey. Hearing this, Asirpa makes a joke about Shiraishi's flexibility and how he was originally the bear's penis, much to Shiraishi's annoyance.

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Back in Yubari, Shiraishi is scouting around town with Sugimoto when they spot a soldier of the 7th Division and decides to tail him. They see him enter and leave a store in a hurry and Sugimoto decides to investigate the store. Inside, Shiraishi spots a dead body as well as several puppets at a table. At this, he spots Hyakunosuke Ogata with a gun telling him to be quiet and that he had heard about him from Hijikata. Ogata intimidates Shiraishi to get Sugimoto to leave the store and get in Tsukishima's way. They then head around town to look for the soldier when they see him rolling by in a mine cart. Sugimoto tells Shiraishi that they're going after them and that they should find a mine cart.

Shiraishi and Sugimoto chases after Tsukishima and Edogai into the Yubari mines. As Sugimoto and Tsukishima exchange gunfire, Shiraishi is hit by some rocks that Edogai throws at them. They were able to catch up Tsukishima and Edogai and tries to board their cart but Tsukishima triggers a switch that causes them to go separate ways. They are then caught in a big explosion as a result of the gas mixing with the dynamite explosives. This explosion causes a windblast which causes yet another blast. As a result, Shiraishi got knocked out and Sugimoto was forced to carry his body. However, due to the gas in the air, Sugimoto collapses to the ground with Shiraishi on his back.

Sugimoto carries Shiraishi to a boarded exit and he attempts to break it down with his rifle. Upon making a small opening, he takes Shiraishi's head and puts it to the hole in order to supply him with clean air. However, Ushiyama was able to break through the barricade and carries the both of them out from the mine. He was able to regain consciousness and received some clean water to drink. When Ogata comes out from the mines, he offered to take the group back to Edogai store where he revealed Tsurumi's plan to use fake tattooed skins. Hijikata then appears carrying a cat and a tattooed skin, saying that they must discern whether the skin is real or not.

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Con Artists Arc[edit | edit source]

When Sugimoto questions Hijikata if they've met before, Shiraishi begins to panic and is worried that if Sugimoto finds out he's been leaking information to Hijikata, that he might kill him without any hesitation. As the atmosphere grows heavier and with Nagakura inside the room as well, Shiraishi only grows more frantic. The heavy mood is dispersed by Asirpa's stomach loudly grumbling and Ienaga pops in to suggest that they eat and continue the conversation over dinner. At the table, Shiraishi asks Ienaga if the nanko nabe she made is really safe to eat, and Ienaga tells him that it is made from horse intestines, which makes Kiroranke spit out his food due to his policy of not eating horse meat.

When Sugimoto and Ogata gets into an argument, Shiraishi asks them not to fight while they are eating. As Hijikata is showing concern about how they can distinguish the fake skins from the real ones, Ienaga says she might know someone who could help them, a man named Chouan Kumagishi. Hearing his name, Shiraishi comments that he was arrested for making counterfeit money. Later on, Shiraishi heads to the mines along with Kiroranke and Nagakura in order to find Sergeant Tsukishima's body, but a miner there tells them they haven't found any uniformed corpses.

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Shiraishi and Kiroranke heads to another area where Shiraishi attempts to pull out a lily bulb but fails as he had not made any preparations. The two then regroup with Hijikata, Nagakura and Ienaga and when Kiroranke and Ienaga questions how they can privately meet Kumagishi, Shiraishi boasts that he had been thrown into every prisons and broken out of them all. But Hijikata says that there would be no need for that as Nagakura has some connections at Kabato Prison and can arrange a private meeting with Kumagishi.

Shiraishi asks Nagakura to give him his regards, which Nagakura questions if they've met before. Shiraishi then begins to tell them about his past at Kabato Prison and how he knew Kumagishi. After finishing his story, Ienaga and Kiroranke had fallen asleep and Nagakura begins to recall the day that he met with Hijikata once more. Shiraishi eventually fell asleep and let out a fart while the elderly men were reminiscing. They woke up and made their way towards the town of Tsukigata. Upon entering Tsukigata, Nagakura and Ienaga went to meet with the warden and came back with the news that Kumagishi had died trying to escape during outside labour. Upon hearing this, Shiraishi laments and says that he had told him not to do that. They then decide to make their way to Abashiri Prison.

They settle at an inn in Tsukigata where they talk about the tattooed skins and how they would be able to distinguish them now that Kumagishi is dead. Nagakura says that they have no other choice but to depend on Shiraishi, who is goofing around. He says that he has to go the bathroom and heads downstairs to meet Sugimoto who beckons hims outside. Sugimoto says that he realized that Shiraishi had been working Hijikata which he denies and tries to run. However, Sugimoto takes out his sword and stabs him in the back as he screams Sugimoto's name. He wakes up to see that it was a nightmare and attempts to escape, fearful of what Sugimoto would do. Outside, he comes face to face with a troop of military soldiers who recognizes him as he realizes he is in an even more complicated situation.

Shiraishi attempts to flee from the 7th Division as they chase him throughout town. After climbing to the top of a roof and jumping from houses to houses and landing on the ground, he finds himself held up by multiple rifles aimed at his head. He resigns himself to them and is led away by the 7th Division with a worried look on his face.

As Shiraishi was being led to Asahikawa for imprisonment, Kiroranke and Hijikata attempted multiple times to create situation that would've allowed him to easily escaped but he continued to act nonchalantly such as hitting on a local girl or asking a soldier for food. In the village of Fukagawa, Shiraishi was able to ask the soldiers for permission to get bean snacks from a nearby merchant. However, he is surprised to see that it is Hijikata who passed him a paper with the message "kamuy kotan" and "rope bridge" on it.

Eventually in the midst of rainfall, the 7th Division approached a bridge that crosses over a river, and upon seeing it, he wonders what Hijikata is planning. Just then, they are stopped in the middle of the bridge by Hijikata wearing a hood to cloak his face. To their bewilderment, he draws his blade and points it at them.

Hijikata then cuts the ropes of the bridge they are on, sending them all falling into the Ishikari River. With his hands bounded, Shiraishi struggled to stay afloat as he floated down the river screaming for help. He hears Kiroranke yelling out his name, and he yells his name back as he sees him. Kiroranke thrusts his oar at Shiraishi, but he is unable to grab it due to his hands being tied together. When Kiroranke attempted to grab Shiraishi, he remembers the nightmare he had and pulls back, floating away from Kiroranke as he grabs onto a log. He was able to reach dry land, exhausted and surrounded by soldiers and is then taken away to Asahikawa.

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Lightning and O-Gin Arc[edit | edit source]

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Shiton Anehata Arc[edit | edit source]

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Blind Bandits Arc[edit | edit source]

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Abashiri Prison Arc[edit | edit source]

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Journey to Karafuto Arc[edit | edit source]

Kiroranke's group comes to a Russian village where Kiroranke and Ogata decides to do some scouting in the area while Shiraishi invites Asirpa for some tea in a nearby building. Unbeknownst to them, they were followed by Maiharu Gansoku who immediately recognized Shiraishi as a fellow tattooed convict. Inside, Shiraishi tries to console Asirpa and says that he thinks Sugimoto is alive, but Asirpa tells him that Sugimoto cannot be dead for he is "Sugimoto the Immortal" after all. Kiroranke's group tries to find the Abashiri convict in the village but are unable to do so and leaves for their next destination.

They find some sea lions off of the coast of Karafuto so they decided to hunt them. While Ogata shoots them, Kiroranke rows the boat and shouts alerts to Asirpa, who finishes the animal off, Shiraishi contributed absolutely nothing to the hunt. Despite that, he was given some of the meat which he says taste really gamey.

Youichirou the Manslayer Arc[edit | edit source]

Once they'd had finished their hunt and skinned the sea lion, Shiraishi held onto it while asking what they will do with it. Asirpa tells him that they can make a long leather strap called a torar which they can use to bind or tie up various things, to which Shiraishi responded that she really doesn't let anything go to waste. They ended up selling the skin to a Karafuto Ainu man who told them of a location that would buy their meats and innards as Shiraishi noted that they needed money.

With the Karafuto Ainu man's information, they come to a fox breeding facility where they are greeted by the owner. Shiraishi then tries to haggle with the owner to buy their meat for a higher price and complains that he makes too much money from the farm. He is however, informed by the owner that while he does make a tidy profit, he or the foxes may not be around in ten years time.

Kiroranke's group heads out to hunt some musk deers and Shiraishi stood by as Ogata shoots one down which Kiroranke and Asirpa carves up to get its musk gland. When Kiroranke notes that the musk gland can be turned into perfume and that he is popular with the ladies regardless of whether he uses the perfume or not, Shiraishi makes a comment that his whole body is musk. Afterwards, he silently watched as Kiroranke and Asirpa talks about her father.

Karafuto Circus Arc[edit | edit source]

Some time during their journey, Shiraishi relieved himself in the wilderness, which Asirpa quickly found and became excited over, thinking that a huge prey was nearby.

Border Crossing Arc[edit | edit source]

Asirpa's group hires a couple of Karafuto Ainu men who takes them to Shisuka (modern day Poronaysk) and then walks through a nearby forest, with Shiraishi suggesting that they hunt some sables for money. They come across a casket which Kiroranke says belonged to the Orok people. Kiroranke then began to talk about the Oroks and their customs, which Shiraishi says is interesting. They are interrupted by a gunshot, which was fired by Ogata who claims he saw an Ezo deer.

They find that it is not an Ezo deer but a reindeer with a collar on it, which Asirpa takes and puts on Shiraishi, causing him to get hurt. Shiraishi notes that since the reindeer had a collar, it must belongs to someone and they see an Orok man nearby calling for the reindeer. The group then teases Ogata for killing the reindeer, with Shiraishi saying that the Oroks will get mad at Ogata but it won't have anything to do with him.

Asirpa's group meets the Orok man who asks them to join him on a wild reindeer hunt, much to the annoyance of both Shiraishi and Ogata. As they prepare for the hunt, one of the domesticated reindeers turns around and bites Shiraishi's head, causing him to get angry and say that they should've ran away instead of apologizing for Ogata's mistake. However, Kiroranke says that in order to continue on from Shisuka, they'd have no choice but to make contact with the Oroks.

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Once the hunt had began, Shiraishi watched as Ogata single-handedly took out the entire reindeer herd and voiced his amazement at the feat. They returned to the Orok men's village where they ate the wild reindeer's meat as well as food made by the Orok women, which Shiraishi enjoyed. When he had finished eating, Shiraishi asked Kiroranke what his reason for meeting up with the Oroks was.

Kiroranke tells everyone that due to their complicated background, they cannot freely enter Russia and so will have to sneak in by posing as the Oroks who have permission to cross the borders. Sometime later, disguising themselves as the Oroks, Asirpa's group attempts to enter Russia, but one of the Orok men is shot by a sniper due to a leak from Tsurumi, which shocks everyone present as Ogata states that they are dealing with an experienced sniper.

As they are attacked by the Russian sniper, Shiraishi is perplexed about what is happening and wonders if they are bandits. Ogata replies that they must be Russian border guards, which causes Shiraishi to panic that their plan had been found out by the Russians. After musing that the Russians are being awfully violent, Ogata tells Shiraishi to get his Type-38 rifle, but Shiraishi refuses to do it.

Kiroranke tells Shiraishi to move the sled so that they can hide in the woods nearby but as the reindeers are shot and killed, Shiraishi continues to panic. Kiroranke tells him that they have no other option and to get the reindeers moving, which Shiraishi does. When Kiroranke suddenly gets up to rescue the fallen Orok man, everyone is surprised by his action, including the Russians. This allows Ogata to shoot the Russian spotter, which gave Asirpa's group an opprtunity to escape into the forest.

Within the woods, Shiraishi tends to the reindeers as the others examine the Orok man who had survived being shot due to his large hat. When Shiraishi asked Kiroranke what he was thinking when he saved the Orok man, Kiroranke replied it was thanks to the gods. However, Ogata says it was thanks to him and that everything that happens has a reason behind them, including why they were attacked. Kiroranke continues to remain silent as Ogata prepares to fight the Russians for answers, saying that the war with Russia isn't quite over yet.

While Ogata separates from the group to confront the Russians, the rest of Asirpa's group makes their way through the woods when they hear a loud noise caused by a trap that Kiroranke had set down, killing one of the Russians and severely wounding the other. Asirpa's group eventually finds Ilya, the Russian spotter whom Ogata shot earlier and he speaks in Russian to Kiroranke. Ilya takes out a wanted poster of Kiroranke, which shocks both Shiraishi and Asirpa, and says that Russia hasn't forgotten about Kiroranke.

Once Ilya had succumbed to his wounds, Asirpa and Shiraishi questioned Kiroranke about his wanted poster and Kiroranke revealed his past to them. After finding out that Kiroranke and Asirpa's father Wilk, were involved in the Russian emperor's death, Shiraishi realized why the Russians were after them. Some time later, Shiraishi expressed concerns about Ogata and if they should help him, but Kiroranke tells him that Ogata wanted to be alone and that they should trust Ogata's abilities. As they continued to wait, they hear the sound of several rounds being fired as Ogata fought with Vasily.

Looking through her binoculars, Asirpa sees that Ogata has finished his sniper duel and is returning to them. However, they find that he is suffering from a high fever and Shiraishi suggests that he drinks some hot water. They head to an Orok settlement where Ogata and the elder Orok man can recuperate. Shiraishi then leaves the tent, saying that he has to relieve himself but motions Asirpa to come out too.

Outside, Shiraishi asks Asirpa to run away together since Ogata is ill now, saying that Kiroranke is too dangerous to be around with. Asirpa declines much to Shiraishi's surprise and they are joined by Kiroranke who explains more about his and Wilk's background and their motives. Asirpa says she wants to know more about her father and why he became Noppera-Bou.

As Ogata slept in order to recover from his fever, the Oroks gave Asirpa's group some sewa figurines and Shiraishi was given one for his groin which he thought was for his visits to the pleasure district. However, Asirpa and Kiroranke says that it was due to the dirty look on his face and that he had been staring at a woman breastfeeding the whole time. Shiraishi is offended by their statement, but steals a glance at the breastfeeding woman again.

An Orok man begins to carve out a reindeer bone as Kiroranke explains that the Orok will divine the future for them. Shiraishi is nervous about the result and finds out that somebody is coming from behind them, to which he expresses concern if it's an unlucky sign. Kiroranke tells him that an unlucky sign would be one in an "n" shape which means that somebody will die. Hearing this, Shiraishi is relieved that they haven't received a crack like that.

Sometime later, when Ogata has fully recovered from his fever, Asirpa's group prepares to leave the Orok settlement. Kiroranke apologizes to the Oroks for the Russian ordeal and turns to Shiraishi, saying that they should part ways here. Shiraishi admits that he can't do much if he's dead and that his goals are different from Asirpa's. As Asirpa's group departs without him, Shiraishi ponders if he should make a deal with Tsurumi but remembers Sugimoto's words to him.

Shiraishi begins to take chase after Asirpa's group and falls over as he catches up to them. He comes up with an excuse that if he goes with them, he will be able to meet blonde Russian girls that he can have some fun with, which Kiroranke is not amused by. Asirpa just laughs, saying that if his groin begins to hurts again, that would be his problem. Shiraishi responds saying that he will be fine so long as he has the Orok charm with him.

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Akou Prison Break Arc[edit | edit source]

As they travelled, Asirpa finds some tracks belonging to a lynx, calling it a meko. Shiraishi asks what a meko is and Asirpa explains that it is a cat and that the name comes from meekot which means "something that can die in the cold", causing Shiraishi to question if the Ainu can't give cuter names to the animal. Kiroranke tells Asirpa stories about her father as well as their former leader Sofia Golden Hand, which Shiraishi is surprised to find out is a woman. The four of them then makes their way to Akou to meet Sofia.

Together with some people from the Nivkh tribe, Asirpa's Group hunts some beluga and Ogata is able to shoot and kill one. As Kiroranke and some of the Nivkh men carves up the dead animal, Shiraishi expresses fascination at the thought of eating whale meat and says that miso would be a nice compliment to it. Hearing this, Asirpa reveals that she has some of Sugimoto's miso which she had been holding for him all this time.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Asirpa's Group eats the whale soup together but they run out of Sugimoto's miso, much to Asirpa's disappointment. Shiraishi says that they could always buy some more when they return to Japan but Asirpa refuses, saying that she only wants miso that belongs to Sugimoto. When Ogata begins to say "hinna", Asirpa is shocked and turns to Shiraishi and Kiroranke, asking if they heard him but they only stare at her.

Shiraishi then turns to Kiroranke, asking how long they will be in Akou and he wonders if Kiroranke isn't going to just have a simple chat with Sofia Golden Hand. At Asirpa's request, Kiroranke tells them more about Sofia and that he plans to break her out of prison by having all 250 convicts of Akou Prison run free so that the guards won't be able to focus on Sofia.

Shiraishi asks how he plan to have every single one of the convicts all escape at once and Kiroranke explains that he will simultaneously blow up multiple different points alongside the outer walls. Still not convinced, Shiraishi asks how he is going to get his hands on that many explosives without being traced. Kiroranke points to a nearby lighthouse and reveals that explosives have been supplied there in case Japan were to invade Russia and that all they have to do is to wait for them to arrive.

Asirpa's Group then heads to a Nivkh village where they discuss how to break out Sofia and have her meet Asirpa. Kiroranke mentions that Sofia also has some underlings within the prison and Shiraishi notes that they would be on their side. Asirpa wonders if that would truly be for the good of the Ainu people and Kiroranke says that it would be for every ethnic minorities to be able to live their own way. Following their plan, Shiraishi disguises himself as an Akou prisoner so that he is able to slip by a prison guard and smuggle some items to some of Sofia's underlings before making his escape.

Kiroranke begins to tell Asirpa's Group about how he, Wilk, and Sofia first met a Japanese man named Kouichi Hasegawa and had him teach the three of them how to speak Japanese. When Kiroranke talks about Hasegawa's suspicions about them and their background leading up to the Russian Emperor's death, Shiraishi is confused about their intentions and Kiroranke confirms that he and Wilk had been using Sofia and the extremist group for the sake of ethnic minorities. Kiroranke also reveals that Hasegawa was a spy for the Japanese army.

Kiroranke finishes up the story, saying that they never saw Hasegawa again and that Sofia continued to blame herself for the death of Hasegawa's daughter. As he takes Asirpa's Group to a region with drift ice, he explains about the serfs, the Russian Orthodox Church, and the reason why he and Wilk joined Sofia's cause. He then begins to talk about their plan to meet some of Sofia's allies on the continent across the ice once they break her out.

Asirpa's Group hunts some seals together and Asirpa is able to capture and kill one with her klaa harpoon as Shiraishi and Ogata helps her drag the seal out of the water. Asirpa notices a reindeer nearby and wonders if it came from across the sea and Ogata says that it may have been chased by something. At night, Shiraishi helps Kiroranke drill some holes into the walls of Akou Prison and gathers the explosives from the abandoned lighthouse the next morning. They then go over their plan to initiate the breakout and have Asirpa meet Sofia. Once daybreak arrived, Asirpa's Group executes the plan, however only Kiroranke's explosives worked as Kiroranke wonders if they were not being preserved properly.

Ogata notices that not a single prisoner had come out of Kiroranke's hole, saying that it is strange and wonders if something had happened. Asirpa's Group decides to make another hole with the explosives, which was a success as Sofia and her men were able to make their escape. Upon meeting Sofia, Shiraishi is taken aback by Sofia's appearance and is alarmed when Kiroranke calls her a fine woman. Suddenly, Sofia slaps Kiroranke, apparently upset for what he had done to Wilk, which confuses Shiraishi and Asirpa.

Asirpa's Group is stunned about what had happened before Sofia turns around to leave. Afterwards, they walk over the drift ice as Shiraishi notes that their plan worked perfectly since their disguise helps them to blend in with the Nivkh fishermen who had come out to hunt. Asirpa asks Sofia about her father and with the help of Kiroranke translating, Sofia recounts her time with Wilk. Upon hearing about Wilk's dream to create a federation that would include Karafuto and Hokkaido, Shiraishi comments that Wilk was thinking big. As Sofia told Asirpa more about Wilk's past, Shiraishi went to look around the drift ice.

As Sofia finishes talking about Wilk, Shiraishi went to relieve himself when Kiroranke calls out to him to get moving but he is having difficulty due to the many layers of clothes he is wearing. Suddenly, the ice below him breaks and Shiraishi jumps over the water, looking back to see that the gap between him and the others is getting further apart. Kiroranke explains that drift ice is easily moved by the ocean currents and warns Shiraishi not to fall into the ocean. He tells Shiraishi to head west where they will regroup, however, Shiraishi is unable to see any connected paths and decides to head back to find one.

As Shiraishi runs back, he steps on an ice platform that breaks off and begins to fall into the ocean. Shiraishi takes his gloves off and attempts to claw at the ice but found it to be ineffective. He then remembers the charm around his neck, takes it off and stabs it into the ice. The charm is able to momentarily hold Shiraishi before breaking off and Shiraishi desperately claws at the ice for a holding to grab onto. Suddenly, Sugimoto pops out from the top of the collapsed ice and grabs Shiraishi's hand, greeting him. Back on stable footing, Shiraishi jumps onto Sugimoto, with tears and snot coming out of his face, proclaiming his joy upon seeing him again.

Sugimoto shakes Shiraishi, asking where Asirpa is and Shiraishi reassures him that she is with him and that she is just up ahead. Shiraishi reveals that Kiroranke and Ogata are also on the drift ice and that the latter had told both him and Asirpa that Sugimoto had died. Sugimoto reveals that it was Ogata who had shot both him and Asirpa's father and that Ogata and Kiroranke are accomplices, which startles Shiraishi. Sugimoto declares that they will get Asirpa back as Shiraishi just notices that Ryu is also with them.

As the three of them runs around the drift ice, Sugimoto notes that they must hurry since the heavy snow and wind would be able to give them an opportunity to get closer to Asirpa's Group. Suddenly, the ice below Sugimoto breaks and Shiraishi jumps into him, warning him about the drift ice movement. They find that they are stuck on a small ice platform that is drifting away and Sugimoto tells Shiraishi to strip and jump into the water to push the ice but Shiraishi refuses, telling him to do it himself instead. However, Sugimoto utilizes the hoparata technique, which he learned from Asirpa to get them back onto the mainland. As they look for Asirpa, they hear a loud explosion and Sugimoto wonders what the sound was but Shiraishi just says that he has to pee.

The three of them are able to find Asirpa and as Sugimoto reunites with her, Shiraishi stays behind while holding Ryu's leash back so that they won't butt into their happy reunion. Suddenly, Sugimoto calls Shiraishi over and asks him to urinate on them since Asirpa's eyelid had gotten stuck on Sugimoto's frozen metal button. Initially, Shiraishi is confused by Sugimoto's request but reveals that his bladder is full so he complies and urinates all over the both of them. As he turns to Sugimoto, Shiraishi asks if he is crying but Sugimoto denies it, saying that the fluid is just his urine.

Significant plot details end here.

Return to Karafuto Arc[edit | edit source]

Shiraishi, Asirpa, and Sugimoto, who carries an unconscious Ogata on his back, are able to find Kiroranke who had been defeated by Koito, Tsukishima, and Tanigaki. Shiraishi quietly says Kiroranke's name as Asirpa spends some final moments with Kiroranke, thanking him for getting her memories to return before he passes away. As Shiraishi buries Kiroranke, he recounts what Kiroranke had told him about the drift ice becoming water in his home, where he can be at rest. He puts his hand on Kiroranke's forehead and laments that he was a man too serious for his own good. When Sugimoto's Group prepares to return to Hokkaido, Shiraishi says his farewells to Kiroranke's grave.

Sugimoto's Group heads to a Nivkh settlement near Akou so that the soldiers can rest from their battle against Kiroranke. In a to ryv, a Nivkh winter home, Shiraishi and the others listen to Enonoka tell a Nivkh legend about a man who put charcoal on his buttocks in order to scare a monster away. Once Enonoka had finished, Shiraishi excuses himself in order to pee and began to sing about it. However, Shiraishi went to put markings on his buttocks and upon returning to the to ryv, attempts to emulate the story against the others but found that Sugimoto had also done the same thing.

Shiraishi sees Sugimoto and Asirpa experiencing the Nivkh culture and laughs when Sugimoto puts on a fish skin hat. Afterwards, some of the Nivkh women makes some of their mos dish for Sugimoto's Group and Shiraishi eats it, expressing his enjoyment of the food. When Sugimoto brings in a doctor to look at Tsukishima and Ogata's wounds, they find that Ogata's injuries are serious and needs to be transported to the doctor's hospital so Sugimoto's Group prepares to head out on the dog sled.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
Upon arriving at the hospital, Sugimoto's Group waits patiently outside of the building while the doctor and his nurse operates on Ogata. The doctor steps outside to inform them that despite his best to save Ogata, he will die soon. When Sugimoto begins to head inside the hospital, Shiraishi calls out to him and Sugimoto says that he is going to ask the doctor if there is any other way that Ogata can be saved. Moments later, Sugimoto runs out of the hospital, screaming that Ogata has escaped and he tells Shiraishi and Tanigaki to go around the back to find Ogata.

As Shiraishi and Tanigaki searches for Ogata, Shiraishi spots some tracks and calls Tanigaki over to check them out. However, Tanigaki points out that the tracks belongs to Shiraishi and suggests that they look elsewhere. Unbeknownst to them, Ogata hears their voices and is able to make an escape, avoiding the both of them entirely.

Significant plot details end here.

Return to Hokkaido Arc[edit | edit source]

With Ogata's escape, Sugimoto's Group heads across the national border as Shiraishi says his farewells to Russia. They stop by a Karafuto Ainu village where they are given some of "grandma's chewed dango" to eat, causing Shiraishi and Sugimoto to become drunk off of and they beg the elder lady to make some more for them. When Sugimoto laments that he lost his miso box, Shiraishi is confused about it before screaming that he wants some more chewed dango. Sugimoto complies by spitting the dango into his mouth, leading to Tanigaki calling them awful.

Once Shiraishi and Sugimoto had recovered from their stupor, Sugimoto's Group enters the town of Shizuka in order to shop for some necessities. When they are ready to set off, Asirpa notices that Sugimoto is gone so Shiraishi goes to look for him only to be suddenly shot in the leg, alarming the whole group. As Shiraishi lay crumpled on the ground behind a large bag for cover, Sugimoto's Group comes to the belief that the sniper who shot at them must be Hyakunosuke Ogata.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.
ATsukishima calls out to Shiraishi to figure out a way to get back to them so that he can be treated for his wound but he  bandages it, saying that he has no intention of asking them for help. When Asirpa tries to get closer to Shiraishi to rescue him, he tells her to stay away before attempting to lure the sled dogs over to provide cover for him. However, Enonoka and her grandfather stops them from going over to him so Shiraishi decides to use the rice that he bought in order to lure the crows flying above to escape, hidden by them. Shiraishi's plan backfires as only the small birds were attracted by the rice as he grumbles about how cute they are.

When Sugimoto manages to defeat the sniper Vasily and brings him out, Shiraishi, now on crutches, begins to yell at Vasily for shooting before speaking. However, he balks when Vasily shows off his injury that he got from Ogata and immediately jumps on the dog sled, telling Vasily to go back to Russia. Sometime later as they head back to the lighthouse, Shiraishi notices Vasily following them on a horse. He wonders if Vasily still suspects them of also being involved in the Russian Emperor's death, but Asirpa notes that Vasily's sketch were on Kiroranke's torn up wanted poster. Shiraishi then suggests that Vasily thinks he might be able to have a rematch with Ogata if he stays with Sugimoto's Group.

In Toyohara, Shiraishi listens as Tsukishima and Koito tells Sugimoto's Group that Tsurumi will come to meet them in Odamari in two weeks time so they will stay in Toyohara until Tsurumi arrives in Karafuto.

Significant plot details end here.

Bear Man Arc[edit | edit source]

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Boutarou the Pirate Arc[edit | edit source]

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Town of Reunions Arc[edit | edit source]

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Abilities[edit | edit source]

  • Deliberate Injury Gambit: Shiraishi can easily dislocate his joints, enabling him to pass through narrow orifices or escape arm locks.
  • Escape Artist: Shiraishi's specialty — he's not only nimble or knows his way around locks, but exploits the organization of the prisons themselves to his advantage.
  • Professional Regurgitator: He keeps some items in his stomach he ties to his teeth for later regurgitation, such as a small razor blade, needle, wires or even cartridges.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Shiraishi's Equipment.png
  • Candy
  • Possibly, various items inside his stomach tied with a wire to tooth

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Yoshitake Shiraishi has an associated gallery here.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Shiraishi likes sake, candy, and white rice, but dislikes deer brains.
  • Shiraishi is based on Yoshie Shiratori who is known for having escaped from prison at least four times.
  • In Chapter 85, the panel of Shiraishi's escape from prison references the iconic scene from the movie The Shawshank Redemption.
  • In 2018 Golden Kamuy All-Stars popularity poll Shiraishi ranked 6th, gaining 7 010 votes. [7]
  • When asked what occupation Golden Kamuy characters would have if they lived in the present time, Satoru Noda said Shiraishi would be a prisoner. [8]
  • According to Golden Kamuy anime character reference sheet, Shiraishi's height is 170 cm (5'7). [9]
  • Shiraishi is older than Ogata, the same age as Inkarmat, and younger than Tsukishima.[10]
  • Shiraishi is shorter than Ogata, but taller than Hijikata, Usami, and Sofia. [11]
  • Shiraishi is lighter than Koito, the same weight as Ogata, the Nikaidou twins, Usami, and Wilk but heavier than Kadokura. [12]
  • Satoru Noda compared Shiraishi to Fujiko Mine from Lupin the Third series, describing him as Sugimoto’s hidden partner who still has a sense of danger about him. [13]
  • Shiraishi smells like peanut butter. [14]
  • Hijikata occasionally gives Shiraishi pocket money for reciting haiku to him. [15]
  • According to Satoru Noda, Shiraishi has one of the "juiciest" asses in the manga; the other listed characters are Tanigaki, Tsukishima, Ariko, and Usami. [16]
  • When asked about a possible spin-off, Satoru Noda chose Shiraishi as the main character of it. [17]

References[edit | edit source]

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